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The Qatari Sports Delegation Visit: Manifestation of Brotherly Ties of the Eritrean and Qatari Peoples

Asmara hosted this week close to 70-membered high delegation of Qatari sports community. The visit this sports delegation paid is a tribute to the brotherhood and historic relations of these two peoples.

It is to be noted that as part of the continued rapports, the Eritrean and Qatari governments, but President Isaias Afwerki and the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani in particular, have been actively engaged through cordial atmosphere in heightening the long-established Eritrean-Qatari peoples’ historic relations and political, cultural and economic ties to its peak. As a result, both Eritrea and Qatar have now managed to foster multidimensional partnership of cooperation, as well as benefit from the fruitfulness of their relations.

In the effort to foster relations with nations from far and near, the Government of Eritrea has been and is working to nurture constructive relations, thereby cultivating cultural development through win-win partnership. Eritrea’s international relations policy–which underpins just and independent principle, values partnership cooperation, and seeks to orient promising generations to come–is highly regarded by those who appreciate just and developed partnerships of mutual interest. Accordingly, the continually developing relations of Eritrea and Qatar amply demonstrates the modeled mutual understanding of both nations in this regard. Peace and prosperity to the brotherly peoples of Eritrea and Qatar!!

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