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Meeting of Eritrean Ministerial Cabinet concludes

In the evening hours yesterday, the Eritrean Ministerial Cabinet reviewed accomplishments in the sectors of transport and communications, land, water and environment, as well as finance. It also mapped out future action programs in these sectors.

Asmara, 14 June 2011 – In the evening hours yesterday, the Eritrean Ministerial Cabinet reviewed accomplishments in the sectors of transport and communications, land, water and environment, as well as finance. It also mapped out future action programs in these sectors.

The Cabinet of Ministers stressed that developed and efficient services regarding transport and communications is decisive for economic growth. The meeting held in-depth deliberations on the steps that need to be taken towards improving land transport both in scope and quality, upgrading domestic marine transport and developing air transport. Moreover, it exchanged views on the decisions that need to be adopted regarding control of land utilization, readjustment of land lease and amount of payment, in addition to developing coordinated management of water-related programs.  The meeting also approved various projects connected with environment conservations and ensuring reliable provision of water supply in the rural areas. 

Assessing the existing state of affairs concerning financial and fiscal sectors, the meeting conducted extensive discussions on policy readjustment measures so as to promote effectiveness and productive outcome.

In the second day of its meeting today, the Ministerial Cabinet discussed at length the work accomplishments registered and the challenges lying ahead in the domain of education. In this regard, it reviewed the achievements scored to provide the supply of books at all levels, the necessary equipments and laboratory facilities, improving the quality of education, the training programs offered towards upgrading administrative and academic capacity of staff members, enhance female participation in education and the initiatives taken to reactivate extension courses, as well as the provision of vocational and technical training in different colleges. Besides, the meeting conducted discussion on future work programs of the educational sector.

In the field of health services, the meeting reviewed the progress made in the expansion of health service across the nation and upgrading the quality thereof. Furthermore, it assessed the objective situation pertaining to the supply of medical equipments, drugs and others. The Cabinet of Ministers also discussed on the future action program of the Health Ministry, including combating the spread of communicable diseases and expanding vaccination programs, among others.

Following discussion on the action program to further enhance efficient administration of justice, the meeting approved future work strategy of the Ministry of Justice to score still more gratifying outcome.

Noting that the paramount importance of developing information system and distribution capacity, the Cabinet of Ministers emphasized the significance of introducing modern information dissemination technology. In this connection, the Ministerial Cabinet meeting underlined the need for active collaboration on the part of all government institutions towards reinforcing the continued upgrading of the work of the national media outlets both in quality and depth, and thereby promote societal awareness  in general.

After receiving briefings on the tasks accomplished in the diplomatic front, the meeting noted that enemy conspiracies weaved against the people and Government of Eritrea in the political, economic and security domains have been foiled thanks to the resolute national rebuff of the entire citizenry.  The meeting assessed that such staunch rebuff had brought about deep frustration among enemy ranks. This being the case, the Ministerial Cabinet underlined the need to further reinforce the national rebuff against enemy forces at the political, diplomatic and media level alongside  the concerted development endeavors across the nation.  To this end, the meeting mapped out work program.

The meeting also heard report on the part of the Ministry of Local Government concerning the infrastructure development activities being undertaking in all the administrative regions, including socio-economic projects. It subsequently approved the Ministry’s action program after holding deliberations on the structure and work of the Ministry, as well as operational relations with other institutions.

Furthermore, the Ministerial Cabinet meeting conducted extensive discussion on the streamlining of the organization and deployment of human resources in all spheres, as well as the nurturing of institutional capacity, information system and work methodology. The Cabinet of Ministers concluded its meeting reaching understanding that all government institutions present conclusive document of a 5-year action program within the next couple of months.


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