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One Good Turn Deserves Another In Return

Freedom is life. The right to freedom, for that reason, must be the right to life, the right to existence as equally as the creatures in the world of homo sapience. And that is why freedom is regarded as one of the basic human rights. Once individuals, or people as a collective, are deprived of this basic right, their human dignity and or their very being has been bargained away. Hence for a people’s life to exist, they must pursue struggling to secure this right. If they expect their freedom to be bestowed to them by others they would suffer its grave consequence. If they do not fight for their freedom they would be ready to remain dependent and despondent. They must bow down and kneel down under the mercy of others. This ultimately indicates that they have denied their very being as humans for the reason that they have sold their freedom. Ok, what is more? In an endeavor to secure this basic right, therefore, they have to pay the maximum for freedom. Sometimes the cost of it may be a token amount of money, and some other times it may take precious metals, yet the true freedom takes the lives of thousands of precious individuals.

And in this case, the ones who love freedom the most shall pay their most valuable life for the sake of it; paving the way for the good life of other freedom-loving individuals. This is what is known as martyrdom because martyrdom is the “act that proves one’s devotion to one’s people, and a virtue that demonstrates how far one can serve a lofty cause to delegate sacrifice of one’s beloved possession.” For instance, assume that someone, in an attempt to please you, presents you with the most precious material gifts such as precious bracelets of silver, gold, or diamond.. Would you do something is no choice for Eritreans, they have to keep the promises of their loved martyrs. They had to defend their homeland because they have the promise to take care of their national sovereignty. After all they had paid heavy sacrifice for their freedom and national independence.

In that case, they have to confront the invading enemy from Ethiopia. This war on its part took thousands of precious lives. Hence, in the wars before and after independence, there is no Eritrean family that has not suffered the pains of war. There is no family that has not lost a loved one for the noble cause. Everyone must have missed a dear one, a brother or a sister, a cousin or aunt, lover or a friend, a mother or father. And no one denies that these loved ones fall for the sake of their people’s freedom; they sacrificed for our peace security.

Hence, I am reminded of a certain proverb: “A good turn deserves another in return.” Our martyrs gave their precious life for the sake of our freedom; for the sake our existence, on behalf of us. They paid their pricey life for the betterment of their people. They, therefore, deserve our heartfelt respect and a profound glorious memory that has to be passed on from generation to generation with dignity. Yet, this is not enough. We have much more to do in order to please our love martyrs.

Eritreans have the trust to keep the martyrs’ promises. We owe to our martyrs in safeguarding our sovereignty and maintaining our independence. Once again their martyrdom is for a noble cause.
And we on our part have to work for a noble cause. Hence, united we shall work to renew our vows to our Martyrs and live up to the responsibilities they handed us.

Far and beyond, it is our hard work for the common good that enables us to repay our heavy debt. For this is the best way to stay tuned to our fallen sisters and brothers’ sacred recommendation. It is also the duty of all of us to plant our martyrs counsel at the heart of our hearts. Also, every true Eritrean does not miss this noble responsibility: let’s adopt our martyrs’ families. Be it in offices or in the field of work, we shall work according to the martyrs’ recommendation.

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