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Press Statement

It is to be noted that authors of fabricated ploys recently disseminated defamatory allegation claiming that ‘Eritrea has a conspiratorial intention during the AU Conference that was held in Addis Ababa last January’ which was correlated with the internal popular opposition inside Ethiopia. The intention of authors of such ploy was to give added impetus to their hostile accusations alleging that ‘Eritrea is undermining peace in the Horn of Africa.” However, those who orchestrate the fabrication cannot at all conceal the objective truth outlined below.
Although the opposition that surfaces in any country is aggravated by external forces for serving various agendas, the root cause of such opposition is nonetheless domestic.  A number of examples in different countries could be cited in this regard.

In the case of Ethiopia in particular, an objective assessment of developments over the past 20 years proves that the root cause of various oppositions in that country, apart from the Haileselasie and Mengistu regimes, lies in the TPLF clique’s strategy and policies of dominance pursued in the name of  ‘Tigray’ that marginalized the rest of the Ethiopian population. The misguided policies and actions of the US Administration also aggravated this state of affairs, besides being the cause of instability, crises and suffering in the Horn of Africa. And this can be confirmed through concrete evidences, and not mere analysis and conceptual misrepresentation. Washington’s resort to the ploy of employing the TPLF as a servant entity by providing political support to it, and thereby serve as regional tool through undermining the Oromo, Ogaden, Amhara, Afar, Tigray and other oppositions is well documented.

It is obvious that with the failure of the policy of Washington and its allies in the Horn region and the existing, as well as potential apprehension in Ethiopia on the one hand, and the growing frustration over the failure of the military, political, economic and diplomatic conspiracies against the Eritrean people on the other have given rise to a more desperate stance.  Hence, the engineers of crisis in Washington are primarily accountable to the deteriorating situation in Ethiopia and the prevailing instability in the Horn of Africa. The TPLF that opted to serve as a subservient party in pursuit of narrow ends is also to be held accountable. One wonders if the TPLF could at all engage in acts of this type in Somalia, Eritrea and Ethiopia itself short of Washington’s care.

It is well known that the people and Government of Eritrea pursue the policy of fostering close relations and cooperation among the people of the region for common benefit.  As the TPLF and its backers are well aware, Eritrea’s solidarity with the just opposition of all peoples is an enabling one that upholds the principle of self-reliance, and not a substitute for handouts. It is to be noted that any opposition that lacks authentic capacity and just cause could not emerge victorious with external support, be it Eritrean or any major power.  Thus, any allegation claiming that oppositions in Ethiopia or the region as a whole are sponsored by Eritrea’s material and military assistance is but an act of pure recrimination that totally lacks concrete evidence.

The parties to be held accountable for the existing popular opposition be it in the Oromo region of Ethiopia or elsewhere, are the instigators themselves. And the organizations that lead the opposition, whether those in the Oromo region or others, are the ones to assume responsibility for their action. In this respect, pointing a finger to the people and Government of Eritrea has no legal basis whatsoever.  Uttering nonsensical remarks such as ‘we have evidence’, ‘intelligence data is in our possession,’ ‘we have the testimony of detained individuals’…. cannot embellish the authors of lies. Ploys of this type can never deviate the people and Government of Eritrea from pursuing their cherished objectives.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
15 June 2011

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