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Belligerence of Despondency

As attempts by historic enemies of the Eritrean people resorted to carry out blatant aggression were foiled, and overt and covert ploys employed to disrupt strong national unity through the use of firepower were shattered, the UN Security Council eventually passed the 1907 sanctions resolution at the behest of the U.S. Administration.

As stated early enough, the resolution imposed against Eritrea on Christmas Eve on account of manufactured ignominious trivialities is intended to isolate the Eritrean Government for challenging erroneous U.S. policies being pursued in the entire Horn region through demonizing with trumped-up charges in a futile bid to divorce the leadership from its people on the one hand, and on the other, to punish and subdue the Eritrean people, who beyond scoring modeled development accomplishments has now reached a promising stage by ensuring peace and stability. A number of hard evidences establish this fact, and thus, are documented well on record.

A confidential document the then U.S. representative in Eritrea sent on December 14, 2009–just prior to the adoption of the sanctions resolution–under the heading “Engaging the Eritrean Diaspora”, and later on released by the whistleblower website WikiLeaks affirms the unfeasibility of mass protest within the country, while at the same time insisting on the effort to sow discord among Eritreans abroad, but particularly, the intellectuals and youth. In its act of contrition for added offense, the message further confessed that finding Eritreans in diaspora who are ready to serve as operatives against the government is quite difficult as they are ardent supporters of their government. To this end, it outlined various ploys aimed at recruiting Eritrean nationals in the diaspora so that the funds secured from NGOs or other institutions to foment popular uprising would hit the target.

Nevertheless, the Eritrean people has endured many years of political experience. Historic enemies have as yet failed to come up with duplicity, provided popular consciousness has been outmaneuvering all ruses. Accordingly, the fruit of their acts of conspiracy is but failure. As the Eritrean people was already well aware of the goal set to be achieved through sanctions, it simply culminated in stern and frustrating national resolute rebuff. Following the vicious and unjust sanctions resolution of the UN Security Council, the demonstration of Eritrean nationals across the globe, especially in Europe and the Americas, was quite frustrating for bankrupt cliques both in size and the truth it resounded. The National Resolute Rebuff has in due course been gaining impetus.

Thanks to strong national spirit, Eritrean nationals inside and abroad have not only risen above sanctions but also have prevailed over a number of other subterfuges; all contrary to the aspirations of enemy quarters. Ploys stated in the classified document or other ruses applied to dampen Eritrea’s national unity only resulted in utter failure. And hence, the miscarriage of all such ploys has ended up in vexation. As frustration ultimately leads to despondency, all acts of hostility against Eritrea are now self-explanatory. Acts of harassment geared towards diaspora Eritreans per se attest to the existing frustrated state of affairs. As Eritrea is a nation of 3.5 million ambassadors, all attempts are but in vain and the outcome is abortive!

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