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Victories Of The Eritrean Struggle And Dominance Of The National Force Task Of The Front Inside The Public

The ending of the civil war in 1975, and the increasing number of the liberated villages opened opportunities to organize and raise the awareness of the public. As a result, EPLF start to organize the inhabitants of the liberated areas and the places the front use as a base in groups. The front also begun to assert the aim of the front- to liberate the country and build peaceful and justice society; to this end the front start to spread the need for the participation of the public in the struggle despite religious, ethnic and gender differences. The front also established literacy campaign to eradicate illiteracy among public. This task was not limited to those inside the country only but also among the nationals in Diaspora.  The front also trained various individuals in shooting and handling guns that would able them protect their villages and the public.

In regards to the administration, the villages and towns liberated begun to abolish the existing administration system and begun to elect their won administrators. This new policy protected the public from paying high tax revenues to administrator elected either by heritage or entitled by the colonizers, and from spending years on trails and injustice trails. For the first time in the history of the country women were able to participate in elections to elect and be elected and have equal rights as their male counterparts.

In improving the living standard of the people, in areas societies depend on agriculture as their source of income the front begun land allocation system. The front also implemented a policy that allows women to have land. In addition, the front established various assets like grinding machines, shops that would assist the public economically.All the aforementioned activities begun to change the lives of the residents of the liberated areas and the people begun to respond by joining the struggle, participating on the activities carried out by the front and by supporting the front materially.

In the other end, in the areas controlled by ELF, the front introduced new administration policies where each village elects five individuals for administrating each particular village. The front was also engaged in activities of organizing and educating the public. Following in the footsteps of EPLF, the front also tired to introduce land allocation system and aid activities but the methods were not entirely integrated.The difference in implementation of various activities by the fronts was based on the differences of the aim and principles of the fronts. The main purpose of EPLF was to avoid the system that differentiate the public as the oppressor and the oppressed and build a society that have equal rights were the society lives by ones efforts: in the contrary the leadership of the ELF weren’t accepting those principles. The main purpose of the ELF in introducing such changes was merely to compete with the EPLF.

Despite the fact that majority of the public didn’t have the ability to distinguish the differences between the fronts and the support the ELF was getting: majority of the public was sided with EPLF.  As a result of being the front that was able to have its base on the mass, EPLF become the dominance national front in the country.


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