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WTS; Established Amidst War Effervescent To Date

Self-reliance has been the basic principle of the EPLF since the struggle period for independence. Hence, the EPLF has been practicing the true meaning of self- reliance in different sectors of economic, political, military and academic aspects. The instruments and materials the EPLF had been using during the struggle time were either seized from the enemy after capturing them or innovated in the liberated areas. Its human resources were enhanced under the shade of trees with its internal potentials. The EPLF vigorously worked towards eliminating illiteracy among its members displaying no discrimination but embracing everyone. Further, the EPLF has built a boarding school for those children who fled from their homes along with their families to the liberated areas as to save themselves from the bombardment of air planes that hovered upon them.

“The Revolutionary school”, has extended and developed in numerous ways thus helped the students to reach until the8th grade. Along with this the EPLF has opened small-scale industries and produced needed engineers and technicians who could overlook and operate the technical and engineering work thus “Academy and Research” center was established. Different curriculums were designed for various technical works and appropriate training ranging to six months was being provided for the combatants of the EPLF. In 1984 a new program was adopted as to give a two-year course which embraces both practical and theoretical class. However, opening of this school was not an easy task to begin with; there were shortages of instruments, curriculums, teachers and education venues. But still, the Wina Technical School had to be opened through the internal capacity with the limited resources against all the odds. As such, the school started working with few instruments and 25 teachers who had different school levels.

Mainly the students who joined the Wina Technical School come from the revolutionary school and during the opening period there were only few students. According to the research that was conducted then, the reason for the shortage of students in the Wina Technical School was that most students that graduated from high school of the revolutionary school have left to teach in the liberated and semi liberated areas in order to eradicate illiteracy from the land of Eritrea and had embraced their role of eradicating illiteracy seriously.

Despite many challenges and shortages, on September 1985 the Wina Technical School started its regular teaching in a place called Arag. There were 85 students out of whom 44 were female students. Nevertheless, the situation in Arag was difficult because of the military circumstances thus the school was relocated to a place named Etaro. Soon after, the school again was relocated to a place name Ketan (Mirafe) 22 Km from the main front of the battlefield. With the help of the fighters and surrounding communities; classrooms, workshops, library, offices, residence for teachers and students were also constructed. The curriculum that was carried out was a bit difficult to follow comparing with the level of the students. However, this obstacle was challenged by the unwavering determination and continuous supports of the teachers’ remember and narrate the then students.

The Wina Technical School graduated its students for the first time at the end of 1988 in the presence of families, officers, and Cadres. The graduates have been working in different parts of the organization. Currently, some of the then graduates hold important places in different capacities with a commendable potential and are doing their level best in contributing to the development of the society. Generally, the students who were the proud product of this school have played a great role just the way the current generation in striving to the development of the nation. The Wina Technical School until 1996 had been in Ketan and graduated a number of batches of students. But after producing a number of graduates the school has to be relocated to some other places due to some problems and finally it was decided that the school be relocate to the city of Nacfa: a symbol of endurance in all its senses. The relocation and the need of construction of the facility needed big investment and the establishment had to go three phases. In the first phase, with the collaboration of PFDJ and Segen construction company a prefab was constructed that demanded millions for its realization. On the second phase, the Ministry of Education enlarged the three workshops that were confined in one building to vast workshop buildings. One big room for making pastry and water container was also constructed. Thus, since 2000 the Wina Technical School started rendering its service with a new complexes and organization. However, due to some minor problems some workshops like that of like electronics, carpentry and plumbing departments are not still active to the level they were meant for. It is expected that these departments would be opened in the third phase of construction.

The government of Eritrea has been working diligently in extending and developing the technical schools with a lot of expenses and efforts. The Wina technical school is one among the many technical schools in the country that is expanding as per the plan of the government. Currently, this school is embracing different kinds of students with their respective background from every corner of the nation. The school is producing necessary workforce for the nation development. Those graduates are playing important role in the nation’s endeavors of development. Similarly, since the school is established in Nackfa;a symbol of endurance, is also adding its share in developing the town. The Wina Technical School will celebrate its 25th anniversary this weekend. The students who have been trained in the Wina Technical School are going to walk down the corridor of memory once again by reminiscing everything by looking back at the 25 years journey of their lives and during the first establishment of the school in time of hardship. Apparently, some of the students will remember the history of their school especially the first commencement graduates, others will remember their teachers, classmates and also the social life they had shared among themselves. It would be a great memory for the then students particularly the students that were trained there before independence because for them it was a memory of a journey that embraced both struggle and education.

This school is located in a place where history of heroism was made. Thus, it reminds the students to be responsible and value their education for they are the future promise of the country. It is an honor at the same time a burden the responsibility that every student have to carry and shoulder for they were provided with free education in a place where many heroes and heroines have fallen to give us the freedom of education and life. Even though all students came from every corner of the country with different backgrounds and ethnic groups it only took them a few minutes to know each other and live in harmony just as one big happy family under a big umbrella.

Happy Anniversary!!!


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