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Building a Nation through Enhanced Inputs of Nationals

National capacity building programs have continued to show encouraging outcomes in the achievements registered in the education sector.  Tertiary level educational institutions that have been offering trainings in academic and technical courses on varied specialties and have been sustainably nurturing competent professionals who have been dispensed in different parts of the country to render services in varied work areas that require well-trained human power. Technical schools of Asmara, Dembesko and Mai-Habar have recently graduated a number of students in diploma and certificate levels in various fields of specialties such as: Auto mechanic, plumping, construction, electricity, general wood and metal works, survey, and other fields. The Asmara Technical School established in 1954 had graduated a total of 4,725 students in the last 20 years of independence; Whereas Mai-Habar Technical School graduated 2,124 since its establishment in 1994. Situated in Dekemhare, Dembesko Technical School graduated 599 students in diploma and 890 in certificate levels in the last 13 years.

A country which shows an unwavering determination in its nation building process always looks a head to enhancing the capacity of its people. Investments made towards improving the skilled man power has been impacting Eritrea’s all-round progress.Established in 2005, Asmara College of Health Science on its part has been making due contribution in nurturing healthcare professionals who could play significant role in meeting the national healthcare needs.

Like the other higher educational institutions, Asmara College of Health Science continues to nurture competent professionals in clinical laboratory, medical laboratory technology, dental therapy, radiography, and optometry. With an aim of extending its educational programs, the school plans to open, in the next academic year, a degree and diploma courses in optometry and physiotherapy respectively. Degree programs that cover courses in public health, midwifery, anesthesia and ophthalmic nursing as well as degree and diploma courses in the fields of pharmacy and pharmacy technician have been taught in Asmara College of Health Science.
With the establishment of colleges that offer courses in varied disciplines a number of students from around the country have been getting access to free education. Encouraged through such benefits a number of students who would not otherwise pursue their education have been graduating form these colleges with satisfactory scores.

This month alone, colleges of Business and Economics, Eritrea Institute of Technology, College of Arts and Social Sciences which incepts its educational programs anew in the newly established college at Adi-Keih would hold their fourth commencement. Thousands of students graduated form these colleges have been solving the skilled man power deficiency that used to occur in different work areas. Hamelmalo and Hagaz Agricultural Colleges as well as Massawa Marine Science College have been also very imperative in making a difference to the overall endeavors that have been exerted towards attaining food security. Needless to mention the unmatched inputs Orota School of Medicine and Dentistry has been contributing in alleviating healthcare problems that seek complicated procedures such as adult and pediatric cardiac surgery. Equally important, Mendefera Nursing School and others are also integral parts of the ever growing capacity building programs.

The above mentioned colleges have been opening a broader educational access to nationals through out the country. The inputs of these nationals in turn have been of a significant importance for registering a redoubled success in the nation building process.

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