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Eritrean Youth: Apt Inheritor of Societal Values

Sawa National Academic and Vocational Training Center Graduated on 16 and 17 July24th round national service and fifth round of the Vocational Training Center with characteristic grandiosity.Accordingly, tens of thousands of youths have taken oathbefore the people and Government of Eritrea to be loyal, devoted, hard-working andbecome inheritors of the trusts bestowed.


Needless to say, the youth constitute vital social strata for orienting the course of history. Shouldering due responsibilities, the youthought to be conversant with the guiding principles and take great pride of societal values so as to aptly fulfill the mission of the historic stage the nation is in. Cognizant of the crucial role of building human capacity in economic growth and development, anygiven society seekingcivilization deserves to deployits youths through equipping them with contemporary knowledge and skills. Capacity-building programs can not stand against global acts of conspiracy and hostilities short of focus on societal values.

Eritrean youth are guarantors of the country’s past and future struggles and values.In retrospect, the people of Eritrea’ssole guaranteed asset in its arduous and yet single-handed quest for independence was itsvalues.Furthermore, the Eritrean people managed to triumph over occupation, and thus, safeguard sovereignty once the country’sterritorial integrity was at stake.Eritrea’s values that underpin popularpsychology are the nation’s surprise weapon with which the country prevails over all hostilities, trying moments and subversive acts.

Having inheritedthe long-cherished values, Eritrean youth of this very historic stage has time and again demonstrated aptitude in safeguarding the nation’s sovereignty and all-round development drive. And hence, the Eritrean youth has thus far scored impressive development accomplishments of which the posterity would take due pride. The political task of cultivating the youthwho pride on the wealth of historical and cultural bequeathment and values,as well as imbuing every citizenwith national consciousness on equal footing coupled with the willpower of these apt citizenry has not only satisfied the desired goal, but has in turn given rise to a productive generation.

Contemporary generation of development has as yet bequeathed Eritrea’s national values that previously performed miracles in the liberation struggle.The outcome of such nurturing is indisputablyrealisticin keeping nationhood intact, provided the Eritrean youth becomeswell informedof national history.Indeed, only a youth that inherits ancestral values, at home with its own national history, as well as prides on its identity can shape the course of history. Long-live Eritrean youth:inheritor of national values!

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