Business is booming.

Crocodile Tears!

In conjunction with the reportedly ‘drought-hit’ Horn of Africa region, the U.S. Administration has lately issued a dumbfounding statement stipulating ‘Washington is in a position to render assistance to the Eritrean people despite the Government’s declining to provide any information whatsoever.’

Such a paradoxfrom a hostile party,which has time and again been resorting to thwarting national development programs, short-circuiting revenue from the mining sector, hindering the transfer of money from Eritreans in the diaspora to their families in the homeland, as well as to firming up stringent sanctions, is tantamount to an ironic posturing on the Eritrean people.


What this same Administration must thus dois quite undemanding: at simplest, to refrain from its subversive acts. The people and Government of Eritrea, nonetheless, shall,owing to the nation’s industriousness, never default on making the gradetowards food security!!

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