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Press Statement

Although it is not surprising to witness the prevailing frustration on the part of some quarters over the fact that Eritrea is not in the list of “alms seekers” pertaining to the drought-hit Horn of Africa, the people and Government of Eritrea, nonetheless, do not give it priority attention.

It is quite in order to ask why all the repeated display of so-called “pictures of mass misery”, whereas in actual fact a presentation of shameful films about the Horn region.


As the actions of the so-called “crisis managers”, “donors” and “receivers” as regards victims of the existing drought and famine, as well as mass suffering in the region, particularly the people of Somalia are these days becoming top news headlines, it is logical that any good-willing party should say: “Enough is Enough”.

Despite the fact that extending support to the victims is a humanitarian obligation, the priority task remains that of addressing the main and “lasting” cause, i.e. doing away with gross external interference and internal   collaborators. Above all, the solution lies in enabling the Somali people resolve their issues themselves and achieve a lasting solution to their problem. Any shedding of crocodile tears outside such a prerequisite is but sheer joke!

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
28 July 2011

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