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Festival: Reflection of Decency and Civilization of the Eritrean people

The annual Eritrea Festival, which was held at the national level here in Asmara from 22 through 31 July 2011, came to an end manifesting as ever the civilization and peaceful coexistence of the Eritrean people. The key to the country’s past and present-day exploits lies in the collective aspiration that gradually evolved, as well as strong national harmony underpinning thereof. Various socio-political factors that gave rise to this soft component are attributive to the role Eritrea’s national festivals played. National festivals that take place on a yearly basis both inside the country and abroad are important occasions during which Eritrea’s cultural diversity is amply manifested, the benefit of mutual respect and the savor of national harmony is demonstrated; nationals get a taste for diverse lifestyle and cultural and historical legacies of the nation; development programs underway to attain social justice are featured; the ingenuity of fellow citizens is stimulated, while at the same time reflecting the image of the hard-working and united people. Moreover, Eritrea Festival, whose role of cherishing a civilized national culture that counts upon cultural heritages is not to be taken lightly, hosts compatriots from all walks of life on the same floor with a view to bequeathing national history and values. As a result of cultural imperialism, countless youths in many parts of the globe are now challenged to orient themselves in the face of acculturation. As opposed to the aforementioned realities, nonetheless, nationals who exult in their history, identity as well as culture are the most dependable asset of whom Eritrea would take due pride. The national festival is thus the focal point for seasonal social gathering of this national asset.

There is a significant point that festival and all other national occasions would communicate: united is the Eritrean people with grand vision to carry forward the banner of martyrs. At a time when economic meltdown, civil strife and political crisis as well as drought and hunger is being witnessed in many parts of the world, the country’s major asset has enabled the people to live in harmony, thereby ensuring peace and stability. Glory to the entire Eritrean people, who achieved such a secure life through consciousness and civility!

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