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Somalia: The Basic and Lasting Solution
The people of Somalia who are condemned to be without a nation are currently faced with a critical situation. Hence, the lords of poverty are currently engaged in broad campaign in a manner that portrays the “Somali crisis as if it were new and out of control”, thereby deliberately trying to place the basic solution into a state of limbo.

Although such a scenario continues to assume the worst dimension and exposing the lives of tens of thousands of Somalis to acute danger, it has been years since Somalia became the scene of the worst humanitarian crisis in the 21st century due to external invasion. 

Although emergency relief aid is vital under these acute circumstances, the ultimate goal nonetheless remains that of ensuring a reconstituted Somalia. Moreover, the basic and lasting solution is the reconstitution of a sovereign state.

Other than this prerequisite, enforcing national disintegration coupled with perpetuating the suffering of people, to talk about emergency relief aid and rehabilitation is but tantamount to talking of the symptoms rather than the disease itself.

If at all the suffering of the Somali people is to be brought to an end and lasting security be ensured, the international community should not only bring an end to the prevailing act of disintegration of the Somali state but also refrain from acts of undermining the stability of the entire Horn region. What’s more, the people of Somalia should be left alone to build a political system and central government on their own will and participation free from any external interference.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
30 July 2011

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