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If a Partner in Crime is Prosecuted, What About the Principal Swindler!?

Media outlets have lately been taking center stage with money laundering at issue that former Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak, is due to be indicted for corruption during his tenure as president. According to Bloomberg, the sum total of money Mubarak embezzled is $70 billion.

Indeed, this aggregate does not take account of corruption, illegal business, money laundering, as well as extra billions of dollars hoarded by way of his two sons, and the amount of money his wife, First Lady Suzanne Mubarak, treasured while chairing tens of philanthropic organizations.


If a landlord is scoundrel, it is inevitable that other members of the household would emulate larceny. And so, in Egypt a gross corruption transaction takes place in every 90 seconds. Despite the improvised stage show has played out this part, what it lacks in its story line is a major portion; if a partner in crime is prosecuted, what about the principal swindler!?

Where did Hosni Mubarak get this huge sum total of money from? What was the role of international agencies and the supposedly philanthropic but malignant organizations? Who helped him misappropriate, funnel away and launder in billions? How big were plundered deposits western banks used to save periodically? How much did the US, a country that was in the habit of an avowal for granting annually $2.4 billion to Egypt, donate and salt away? If Mubarak has embezzled $70 billion over the past three decades, it means he has been funneling away a sum total of more than $2 billion per annum. How come? Did he squirrel away the money through unfettered luggage? What was the role of well over 100 civic societies operating under the chairwomanship of First Lady Suzanne Mubarak? What does civic society mean in the first place? What is it established for and who are the members? What is the mandate of civic societies such as Search for Common Ground, World Faith Development (as if there is an emerging faith on the horizon), World Vision, Center for Women Health and Development, Center for International Peace Movement, centers for or of interaction, children, landmine survivors, lean management, democratization, gender and leadership, youth and so on? What is the role of the government in which these civic societies assume the aforementioned responsibilities?

First Lady Suzanne Mubarak, for instance, was presiding over 100 organizations and civic societies. In spite of the fact that some of these titular organizations were practically nonexistent, so-called benefactors–including major international agencies and charity organizations–were the stockholders of the stolen stakes behind the scenes.

This same First Lady was also in charge of civic societies for and/or of Women Leaders Council, Tomorrow’s Youth Organization, National Council for Childhood and Motherhood, Development Culture Palace, Integrated Care Society, quality life for citizens–while becoming hunchback on fellow citizens–perpetual development, global peace etc. Western governments, as a token of allegiance, have awarded her UNESCO’s high accolade–Avicenne Medal–Prize of Tolerance from the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, the American World Book Association for Publication Award, as well as Honorary Doctorate from Iowa University.
The worst aspect of such acts of embezzlement by First Lady Suzanne Mubarak, other than the larceny itself, is but the lesson it impresses upon apprentice fraudsters such as First Ladies Khadra Mohammed of Djibouti and Azeb Mesfin of Ethiopia respectively.

The Egyptian population, but Africans at large, ought to ask a naïve question: where is the source of all this money and how did it bank? Who was drawing a veil over such “operations” of embezzlement? What was the role western financial institutions played at channeling the capital from Egypt to the banks? It is now reported that these bank accounts will be frozen. What does freezing exactly mean and who assumes responsibility in doing so? Who knows the precise amount? What about the assets to the tune of millions of dollars? Who squirreled away the frozen fortunes Mobutu Sese Seko, General Ibrahim Babangida, Bokassa and others had amassed? Will European leaders and ministers that were invited, awarded and relished luxurious offers with Mubarak’s family treasure face trial along with him? Questions that need to be raised are on a par with the embezzled billions of dollars.

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