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Press Statement

Legal, Political and Moral Basis of Eritrea’s Stance on the Palestinian issue

The support of the people and Government of Eritrea for the legitimate right of the Palestinian people to self-determination is an obligation that does not waver with time and circumstances.

Accordingly, the Eritrean people and their leadership advocate that the people of Palestine are entitled to have a sovereign and independent nation in view of the fact that, unlike others, this goal can only be ensured through an independent Palestinian State.

The Government of Eritrea does not support a two-state solution for the Palestinian question nor does it subscribe to the notion of an accomplished fact. Neither does it endorse other public relations exercise, for such a ploy would but only complicate matters and delay a solution.

The Eritrean government does not attach any significance to taking sides regarding the issue of the West Bank and Gaza or to the issue of according recognition or not. Neither does it intend to get involved in any public relations gimmick in the scheduled meeting of the UN General Assembly next month as regards the Palestinian issue.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
4 August 2011

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