Business is booming.

A Productive Visit

Establishing good neighborliness and cooperation by nations sharing common interests in the same region is but an irreplaceable choice. In order for these nations to ensure an enduring regional environment and stability, the task of developing common perspective becomes inevitably imperative. In light of this grand outlook, President Isaias Afwerki’s official visit to Uganda on August 16 through 18, 2011, was quite positive that it played vital role in harmonizing perspectives towards regional peace and security as well as other international issues. On the word of President Yoweri Museveni, the visit, further than communicating strong message for every peace-loving, was an opportunity for those who were making various calumnious statements over Eritrea out of lack of knowledge of the People’s Front’s culture and values, thereby realizing the country’s objective reality.

The accords Presidents Isaias and Museveni concluded in trade and investment, education and health, civil aviation and communications, as well as in expanding partnership cooperation will not only foster mutual complementarities, but also has the synergy to push ahead with integrated development of the Horn of Africa. As a result of major external intervention that preyed upon internal fiascos, the conflict-ridden Horn region has been ranked the least advanced in the world due to well over half-a-century of political and economic crises. As the absence of regional stability has constantly obstructed the advancement of civilization and development, nations in the region have been suffering from famine, diseases, migration, backwardness and indigence.

Shelving such immense waste of time and opportunities for history, the colossal task of focusing on orienting towards the right direction, counting upon the consciousness gained thus far, now deserves due regard. Arising from this consciousness, both governments of Eritrea and Uganda have asserted goodwill to further reinforce the existing relations of the two peoples. And hence, Eritrea is more than ready to work hard to translate the accords concluded into practice.

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