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Potential Asset That Forges Ahead Investment towards Development

One of the major consequences of migration is the fact that it detaches people from their origin thereby   ultimately eroding real identity. Whereas Eritreans by no means make out of migration a sustainable   livelihood other than a temporary solution, such dire impact of migration does not seriously affect Eritreans in the diaspora. And hence, the heart and soul of Eritreans wherever they be is invariably engaged in the homeland.

Several other emigrants are not in the habit of attending to the wellbeing of the families they left behind. Contrary to this phenomenon, however, Eritreans have witnessed to be ambassadors of their country. Particular significance of Eritreans abroad lies in their zeal to fulfill national obligations with high spirits, organize a number of community gatherings and add zest to it, make Eritrea a vacationland to which they flock during leisure time, as well as in their strife to give their children good grounding on the culture and values of their origin.

Keeping this particularity in mind as a great national asset, this same advantage, without confining it to the political and cultural life, can even be utilized in working out policies as regards the all-round national development drive through proper harnessing of expertise and resources of diaspora Eritreans and mapping out efficient mechanism of implementation. Since otherwise unfavorable migration may turn out to be blessing in disguise, however, the said asset remains an exigent national task so as to push ahead the country’s economic growth. Good grounding in a number of languages and cultures across the world not only allows active engagement in economic and trade activities, but the experience gained thereof and fast-tracking with the ever-advancing technology, coupled together with the transfer of knowledge, also plays significant role in nation-building.

Needless to mention, there have been efforts in the past to leveraging human and financial resources outside the country with the nation building process. However marginal, there have been some initiatives taken both on the part of the Government and nationals in the diaspora.

Accordingly, carefully planned, well-organized and yet appreciable all encompassing programs should come into operation for further synergic effect. Having accorded primacy to the nation-building process, nationals inside Eritrea are thus battling against poverty and backwardness with determination. As a result, the country has now climbed the ladder whereupon it could descry good prospects in the near future. Once local endeavors be beefed up with human and material resources of nationals in the diaspora in such promising stage, therefore, no wonder that development exploits will in effect be given a boost.


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