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New Academic Year with Keen Passion

September is a month during which teachers and students would flock FOR A NEW ACADEMIC TERM to their respective schools after relishing a summer vacation. At this juncture, highlighting salient points mapped out to ensure quality education is important in the effort to attain national objectives. Education is unquestionably vital in order for every citizen, further than benefiting from the opportunities and resources the country provides for all nationals on equal footing, to employ ingenuity and thereby forge ahead all-round national development drive. To this end, the country accords educational services primacy in its strategic national development program along with the most fundamental rights so that every citizen would get access to educational opportunities with a view to pushing ahead the nation-building process.

As a result of the huge capital invested in putting in place requisite educational infrastructures and facilities in the post-independence period, the number of fellow compatriots having access to education has now risen many fold. Eritrea’s educational services yet requires redoubled efforts in a bid to achieve the desired quality and standards. Stating the fact that a number of children and youths now have access to education is, indeed, not an end in itself enough to justify the realization of educational objectives. Competence that counts upon the standard of education is the major yardstick. In light of this benchmark, the assignment to streamline the teaching-learning process is indisputably demanding. With the commencement of the new academic term, therefore, the entire community has shouldered all parties involved in the teaching-learning process the responsibility to heighten their preparedness so as to meet the envisaged national goal for the standardization of quality education through mitigating stage by stage the shortcomings.

The ultimate goal of education amounts to creating an optimum environment by which every citizen would improve the quality of life, and thus, expedite economic growth of the nation. Students are expected in their academic studies to demonstrate excellence to this effect. Taking professional responsibilities into consideration, teachers on their part ought to exhibit worth emulating work ethic and industriousness. Also, the role of parents in attending academic performance of their children and orienting them towards education is not to be taken lightly.

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