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Professional and Technological Competencies: The Groundwork for Development

Needless to say, Eritrea’s development strategy is founded upon the principle of self-reliance. Strong willpower and work ethic is thus required in order that development accomplishments which rely on internal capabilities could be attained.Such impelling causeis,nevertheless, not an end in itself unless underpinned by skills and knowledge. Hence, Eritrea needs to prime itself to creating an enabling environment in the endeavor to provide nationals, especially the motive power youth, good grounding in all areas of modern science and technology so as to implement strategic projects through internal capacity. Arising from this perspective, the Government of Eritrea has accorded building human capacity and transfer of technologydue focus in the national development programs. Having realized the urgency to reinvigorate industriousness of the youth, the Government is persistently introducing capital-intensive advanced technology as well as sophisticated machineries.The establishment of centers for technical support attests to the headway in the country’s development drive.

Eritrea’s commitment to consistently keeppace with up-to-date technology and introduce machineries in mass aims at becoming enterprising partner in the international community through attaining economic emancipation,as well asridding of external influences and exploitation.

Indeed, the country has thus far managed not only to score impressive development accomplishments all on its own, but also to nurture modern skills and knowledge and give grounding in advanced technology. These achievements are in effectanticipatedto lay the groundwork for self-reliance and economic emancipation.

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