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Global Harmony for Social Justice

Mass protests that have flared up from North America to the Far East have recently become the major agenda item of the mass media across the globe. It remains, nonetheless, important to reflect on the objective reading of the main cause, instead of pondering on the hourly news, so as to forecast future developments. These apparently accidental phenomena come not as a bolt from the blue, but are the upheavals of economic and political problems. Needless to say, the capitalist ideology that has dominantly been in effect for the past three centuries is not only principled to uphold competitiveness under inequity, but also is a creed whose mercantilist satiety has been overindulged in cornering the global market. As a result, such immoderation without borders has dwarfed the entire world, thereby causing billions of peoples to live in dire privation and mayhem. Contrary to the purportedly quantum leap the world has achieved over the past half a century in economic growth, The number of people living with less than a dollar a day has been increasing in hundreds of millions–a fact that attests to gross humanitarian crises.

Every nation, however, has a border. Having gone through the ceiling in 2008, this covert trend, beyond engendering bankruptcy of major banks and stock markets, gave rise to economic meltdown on a planetary scale. This financial meltdown is but an end result of unjust global economic system. As economy and politics are two sides of a coin, aforementioned state of play per se, which housed the unjust economic system, was shattered immensely.

Every sensible person can easily take stock of the short-lived unjust economic system. It is unimaginable that people, wherever they be, will invariably remain adaptive to such unscrupulous world order. Accordingly, mass protests rallying against corporatism have long been outcropping in a number of forms. With the growing consciousness, nonetheless, the rallies, which have now spawned mass protests, have in the course of time been gaining momentum. The era we live in is a time during which peoples across the world are professing agreement on transformation. To this end, the global question stated above deserves the right and due responsiveness. The key solution is thus coming up with a civilized ideology that takes social justice and equitable coexistence into account in place of the worn-out one.

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