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Information: The Key to Success

The ultimate goal of any given entity is but constant improvement. Hence, development requires three essential assets: ingenuity, capital and the art of implementation. Emanating from knowledge and information, ingenuity is the resource for framing objectives and plans of action. Although capital per se comprises human element and land resources, it basically takes account of information. Effectiveness of the art of implementation, the third factor that deals with management, depends on the existence of accurate and reliable information. In view of this fact, information is the fundamental component of the aforementioned resources. The task of gathering, organizing and processing data is thus a prime condition for accomplishment.

A great deal of natural and social data is inherently ever-existent throughout the building blocks as well as events of the entire universe. However, this data, unless synthesized and processed for accurate information, is in pieces and unsystematic. Needless to say, clarity of information is gained from a well-organized data with a view to producing knowledge. Knowledge is eventually the key to make the right decision or for a fruitful outcome.

Cognizant of the critical role of accurate statistics and demography, whose ultimate goal is the attainment of development programs characterized by social justice, it is to be noted that the Government of Eritrea is working hard to streamline the management of an all-encompassing, timely and reliable national database system. As a knowledge-based task enables achieve tangible change and development, the role of the said major national task in the development of infrastructure facilities and social sector, policy of demographic management, reinforcing institutions and institutional methods of work, as well as in the improvement of production function and upgrading human resources among others is not to be taken lightly. Accordingly, all governmental institutions and the society at large ought to take part with due professional regard in the development of this major national database system.

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