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Development: The Outcome of Good Neighborliness

Officially inaugurated on October 26, 2011, in the City of Kassala, the strategic Arbaéta Asher-Kassala asphalt road linking Eritrea and Sudan was opened at a colorful ceremony in the presence of Eritrean, Sudanese and Qatari leaders to render service for the peoples of both nations. Further than facilitating economic and development ties of the peoples in the neighborhood, the construction of this regional road does not only attest to the historic relations that underpin development cooperation of the three sisterly nations, namely, Eritrea, Sudan and Qatar, but in essence is a viable outcome of the peace agreement concluded here in Asmara between the Sudanese government and East Sudan Front in October 2006 through the mediation of the Government of Eritrea.

Indeed, there exists historic and brotherly ties between the peoples of Eritrea and Sudan that transcends beyond official relations of the two states. Based on the said brotherliness, commiserations and cooperation the people of Sudan extended during Eritrea’s liberation struggle has strengthened the relations of both nations. Emanating from the profound rapport established with all political forces of Sudan, the people and Government of Eritrea have, with no hidden agenda whatsoever, been engaged in genuine, brotherly and constructive role in the effort to prevail peace and stability in the country. Accordingly, this development accomplishment is a fruitful outcome which is now bearing witness to the Asmara Peace Agreement.

Current endeavors and focus should be enhanced, in order that brotherly ties of the two peoples could reach the summit of relations reinforced by development cooperation, and thus, secure a bright future for both nations. In reality, as the Horn of Africa has for over half a century been a conflict-ridden region mired in political and economic crises as a result of flagrant external influences that preyed upon internal debacles, the Horn region is now one of the most politically and economically retrograde regions in the world. To this end, a progressive joint effort and partnership as that of the peoples of Eritrea and Sudan is thus required to restore the great opportunities and time lost adrift. On this grand occasion, Presidents Isaias Afwerki and Omar Hassan al-Bashir have renewed pledges to promote the existing mutual development partnership. Also, at a tripartite meeting Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, Emir of Qatar, attended, all parties held deliberations on giving a boost to development projects that have been underway towards fostering a broad economic and trade integration, as well as have passed key resolutions.

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