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Festival Eritrea 2011 inside the country and in the diaspora where a large number of nationals live has as ever been in season with a patriotic zeal. The role such a patriotic spirit plays in preserving and nurturing cultural heritages, as well as in fostering national unity that counts upon common consensus through festivals and other national gatherings fellow citizens organize and carry out inside Eritrea and abroad is not to be viewed lightly. Nevertheless, the viability of the aforementioned culture, which was cradled in the days of armed struggle, should not be taken for granted. With the succession of generations, the task of conducting such cultural activities might remain confined to one generation unless handed down to posterity. Amongst other grave concerns, the emergence of globalization has called the preservation of cultures and languages into question. However, globalization by no means amounts to any concern, if the young generation is empowered on enabling grounds and practically proves capable of responsibly nurturing the cultures and values its predecessors have preserved.

Whereas it is the youth’s energy that always spurs on change and development in political, socio-economic and cultural journey, the bequeathing generation should in light of this fact hand the task of organizing festivals or other national gatherings on to the young generation. To this end, the youth ought to be empowered with an enabling environment in order for them to become avant-garde while succeeding to the foregoing stage. Needless to say, the youth who happen to benefit from such opportunities have the potential to put forward an exceptionally great creative piece of work competitive at regional and international levels with added ingenuity, thereby delving into all cultural aspects of a society. Having Passed on the customs and traditions of a society, the bequeathing generation in return takes due pride to witness the youth becoming conscientious organizers and facilitators of similar national gatherings.

Cognizant of the effect of cultural activities and other national gatherings in furthering national cause and vision as well as transforming a society, therefore, national holidays committees and communities In Eritrea and outside the country need to constantly appraise the strengths and shortcomings so as to create optimal atmosphere for the youth.

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