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Press Statement

Accusations Against Eritrea: Pure Fabrication and Outright Lies

Newspapers in Kenya published stories on Tuesday accusing Eritrea of delivering weapons to AI Shabab in Somalia. The claims were been variously attributed to “one high-ranking East African official,” “some officials,” “internet sources,” and “a Somali politician.”

The Government of Eritrea states categorically that these accusations are pure fabrications and outright  lies as Eritrea has not sent any arms to Somalia. Moreover, Eritrea has consistently maintained, and on the record, that “there  can be no military  solution to  the  problem of Somalia.” Instead, it has been repeatedly calling for “a Somali-owned political process, inclusive of Somaliland, Puntland and all other key stakeholders.” Eritrea’s sole interest in Somalia is to see peace and stability return to this important  Horn of Africa country and an end to  the suffering of the Somali people.

In its comprehensive response to  the United Nations Monitoring  Group Report, Eritrea has conclusively shown that there is no evidence to support claims of Eritrean financial backing to AI Shabab, the  Monitoring  Group itself having acknowledged that  it  had no proof  of  any Eritrean military involvement, including arms supplies, in Somalia. Claims of Eritrean backing for AI Shabaab are indeed preposterous not only because of Eritrea’s political stance but  also because of AI Shabab’s deep antipathy towards the “secular Eritrean state.”

Tuesday’s baseless accusations are the latest product  of  a disinformation  campaign orchestrated to undermine Eritrea and frustrate its constructive regional and international engagement. Chief among the authors of this campaign is Ethiopia, which is not only occupying sovereign Eritrean territory, in violation of international  law and UN Security Council Resolutions, but is also the main cause of destabilization in the Horn of Africa. It is also Ethiopia that is leading the effort to block Eritrea’s reactivation of its activities in the sub-regional organization, IGAD.

Ministry of Foreign  Affairs

Asmara, November 2, 2011

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