Business is booming.

Eritrea: The Spot of Investment Attractions

Eritrea’s wide opportunities in a number of sectors, especially in the mining, tourism and industry sectors, are invitingly growing for foreign investment. On top of the existing investment opportunities, asserting the fact that Eritrea is continuously growing a place of interest for investors owing to several other factors is not an overstatement, but rather is an averment of the reality. The leading factor among others, which is given primacy for the development of investment by lots of observers, is the prevailing peace and stability in the country. Indeed, the era we live in is, for many countries and peoples, is a time of internal political upheaval and crises as well as a season of conflict and mayhems. In today’s world, quite a few nations are now convenient for leading a tranquil livelihood. Under such global status quo, internal stability and security Eritrea has achieved is not an easy-earned advantage.

Stability is not only the prerequisite for all kinds of human activities, but also is the prime factor for investment. This is so because the investment that is capitalized on insecure and unstable political atmosphere always risks becoming variable. Objectively speaking, investment cannot thrive in many countries of the Horn of Africa and the world where political instability, and corrupt and unsystematic management remains rampant. On the contrary, Eritrea, further than scoring praise-meriting accomplishments in creating clean, lean and efficient management, has managed to build a nation where acts of larceny and corruption are by no means rife.

The next best factor is the installation of infrastructure facilities and the institution of social services. In this regard too, Eritrea is better off compared to other areas in the continent. Having accorded the putting in place of infrastructures priority for all-round development, the people and Government of Eritrea have now managed to create an enabling environment for economic and trade investment activities upon undertaking major national development programs from below zero.

As a result, Eritrea today has become a spot of investment. Accordingly, investment in the sectors of mining, tourism, agroindustry and fisheries is in the process of building on. The potentials of the opportunities yet to be exploited are also vast. The opportunities in the sectors of service industry, financial activities and Free Trade Zone among others is incredibly immense, provided the region where Eritrea is located is geographically strategic on a planetary scale.

Hence, added to the political stability and security, the aforementioned potentials compounded by the industrious people and visionary government devoted for the nation’s development and prosperity make Eritrea an optimal investment spot.

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