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Potentials that Draw Sports Competitions

The sport-loving Eritrean people is now hosting the seventh African Continental Championship with patriotic enthusiasm. Indeed, the long history of road racing in Eritrea has its roots since 1930s. Eritrea has for well over the past seven decades nurtured cyclists, who have been demonstrating excellence in a number of international sporting competitions, of whom Africa takes due pride. In 2010, Eritrea was crowned champion of continental cycling. And now, it is the right time for the nation to host continental championship.

On top of the aforementioned background in sports, Eritrea prides itself on superb human and natural resources that make the country suited for regional and continental sports events. Eritrea’s first-rate asset as opposed to the reality in our continent and elsewhere in the world is its stability and security whereby sportspeople carry on their competitions with heart and soul–be it in the city or the wilderness. Yet another greatest asset which the country is blessed with is its hospitable, civilized people, as well as its qualified sportspeople and passionate sports fans.

Compared to several African countries, Eritrea not only takes satisfaction in its modern infrastructure facilities, but also is endowed with varied scenic terrains and marine resources accompanied by three climatic seasons in two hours. The country is also opulent with must-see ancient artifacts. Impressive buildings erected in many cities and towns, whose history of architectural feat goes back to the Ottoman Turks and Italian colonial period, are the nation’s additional marvels.

The Government of Eritrea is laying the groundwork for all-round socio-economic development with huge investment. In line with the ongoing nation-building process and the tremendous strides being made in development, the Government’s investment in sports activities shall beyond question redouble. It would not thus be difficult to surmise Eritrea’s future place in sporting events, in light of the fact that the nation’s potentials are opportune for regional and continental sports activities.

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