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Orotta School of Medicine nurturing competent doctors, say professional group from Al Jazeera University

A group of professionals from the University of Al Jazeera, Sudan, have come to Eritrea to evaluate the competence of students currently learning at Orotta School of General Medicine and Dentistry. This evaluation is being carried out for the third time. It has vital significance in reviewing the quality the school’s curriculum and capacity of students in comparison to others elsewhere. On top of this, this method of evaluation creates confidence on the students and inspires them upgrade their acquired knowledge. The group of professionals has assessed the capacity of 48 students’ in five medical disciplines, i.e. Surgery, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Community Medicine and Gynecology and Obstetrics. An interview was conducted with some members of the group regarding their evaluation on the students and the School of Medicine. Excerpts follow:

Let’s start with the competence of the students?

Prof. Seid Mohammed, Internist, – I have observed that the competence of the students’ is registering improvement from time to time. This attests the efforts being exerted by the school of medicine especially by the teaching staff members. The students we have evaluated this year are unique in their excellent performance, the way they treat patients, their attitude towards patients and their discipline.

Prof. Mustafa Omar Mensur, a senior kidney transplant expert- It is my first time to come and visit Eritrea. The students would be good doctors and pursue their study for specialization thanks to the conducive ground provided to them. I believe, they would play due role in alleviating the shortage of manpower. Their medical knowledge is excellent and the way they communication with patients. I am convinced that they would be best future doctors

Prof. Mustafa Idris: I have been examining many medical schools in Sudan and it is for the first time that I am here. I am impressed with their performance which shows they are well-taught and made ample practices.  They are ready to carry out their work efficiently. One thing I have observed on the students here is they are passionate about their profession, which is important for them to discharge their duty diligently. The end of their medical school is the start of their career and they have what takes to be excellent doctors.

How about the advancement of Orotta School of General Medicine and Dentistry?

Prof. Seid Mohammed – The school was founded few years back, but its progress in a very short of time is tremendous. The standard of the school has improved as well as the competence of students learning in this school.

Prof. Mustafa Omar Mensur – The school is progressing forward, especially the excellent performance of the students in surgery is an indication for that. It would be one of the best medical schools in this region in the near future. Of course, there exist shortcomings, however, with the under-going efforts, these bottlenecks would be addressed.

Share with us your opinion regarding the provision of health service in the country?

The quality of health service being rendered here is commendable. We are quite impressed with the tidiness of the wards, its organization, and the diligence of staff members.  The standard of the hospitals has registered improvement in a short period of time, and with the new graduates of health personnel, the standard of health care service would be upgraded.

What would be the relation between Orotta and Al Jazeera?

Prof. Mustafa Omar Mensur – The link between those institutions would be strengthened. Already, some of first batch graduates of Orotta are sent to Sudan to continue their studies in various disciplines. We would enhance our mutual collaboration in the future to nurture proficient doctors.

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