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Following its recent activities in the Horn of Africa, the US has once again FAILED in its usurped role of supreme global leader of justice and guardian of human rights, fairness and democracy.    I refer in particular to the bullish behaviour and total lack of presence of its Ambassador to the UN, Ms. Suzan Rice in her relentless efforts to block the economic and social development in Eritrea which have been rejected by those balanced members of the world body.

Ms. Rice has shown scant decency or diplomacy in her communication with SC members during the weeks leading up to the decision on whether to go ahead with applying tougher sanctions on Eritrea as many members questioned the legitimacy of her proposals.  Ms. Rice has no intention of fostering peace and stability in the Horn of Africa, but rather in creating regional hegemonic collaborators in crime.  She has at times demonstrated adolescent tantrums and at other times a vehement attitude of vendetta, as commonly displayed by a jilted lover.  Judging from the flurry of her dramatic teeter-tottering, one cannot help wondering what it was all about.


Surely the world’s most powerful ruler need only present a fair, just and full proof evidence of its proposals for the rest of the permanent and revolving members to accept.  That was, however, not the case.  In her heart of hearts she, the SC, SEMG, AU, IGAD, and others know very well that Eritrea cannot truly be contributing to the unrest in Somalia to the level that it currently finds itself in.  They also know exactly who is perpetrating the crimes and then crying wolf. To cover their own failures they sought to find an innocent victim. They fail to see that there will come a day when the table will be turned on them too.

Ms. Rice and her foot soldiers that have slavishly fallen for her contrived and twisted plans may be feeling triumphant today in their sick minds, but they have underestimated the Eritrean unbending determination in doing what is right in the face of all adversity.  It is a proven fact that nothing, not even the might of the most powerful, will come between the people of Eritrea and their country.  It is however a crying shame for the UN to have failed to demonstrate its corporate integrity by succumbing to POWER.

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