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Meeting of regional Administrators conducted

A meeting of regional Administrators was today conducted at Denden Hall here in the capital.

Asmara, 9 December 2011 – A meeting of regional Administrators was today conducted at Denden Hall here in the capital.

In the meeting that focused on development programs for 2011/2012, the Administrators held extensive deliberations on the programs implemented in each region and those under implementation, as well as future action programs.  It assessed programs implemented and their outcome in the domains of raising agricultural productivity, ensuring food security, conserving and developing natural resources, ensuring crop availability, as well as that of fruits and vegetables.  The meeting further exchanged views on action programs for 2012 and beyond.

The meeting of the regional Administrators reached understanding on effectively developing soil and water conservation, expanding irrigation farming, promoting animal resources and expanding social services, in addition to enhancing export potential.

Moreover, following discussion on work accomplishments in 2011 regarding the putting in place of infrastructure facilities, expanding service-rendering institutions, i.e. construction of dams, water diversion schemes, bridges and roads, ensuring potable water supply for both humans and livestock, besides major task undertaken in the field of communications, the meeting also exchanged views on ways ensuring sustainability in the aforementioned domains, and the charting of future work programs and the required budget thereof.

In briefings he gave, President Isaias Afwerki noted that in view of the fact that valuable work experience and practice have been acquired over the past years, and called for the effective   implementation of development programs on the part of each Administrative region.

The President further reminded and gave directives in connection with the speeding up of organizational task and work assignment planned for the near future concerning the effective implementation of development programs, properly scrutinizing manpower deployment and applying work methodology, coupled with viable information system.

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