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“Resolution 2023”: A decision that underscored the need for radical UN reform

In continuation to the sanctions resolution imposed upon Eritrea in 2009, another resolution 2023 has yet again been adopted to sanction Eritrea. Needless to say, the resolution is indeed the Washington administration’s decision in a United Nations Security Council disguise. The rush to tailor and pursue the hostilities as well as the flagrant suppression of Eritrea’s sovereign and inalienable rights to self defense hence testify the absence of justice, fairness and political virtue in the accusations which platform the resolution. It is therefore evident that it is a mere result of the Washington administration’s dogmatic action as a plaintiff, witness, arbitrator and law enforcer at the same time.

Indeed, basing actions on baseless allegations, denying the defendant legal rights to dispute, and shunning neutral parties who voiced their objections so as to come up with this impetuous decision tantamount to injustice and excessive. Hence, sturdily condemning such unmerited decisions and containment of justice, Eritrea does not consent to the baseless allegations held up by flimsy witnesses, and the decisions written by the very hands of an opinionated arbitrator on the pages of oppression.

The objective of the litigant and endorser of the decision, apparently, the United States of America, is therefore a manifestation to avoid accountability stemmed by its failed and wrongful policies in the region which waged adversities including cover-up of its invasion of Eritrea’s sovereign land through the servitude of its adherents. The other thing which the architect of the allegations marked in its process also pertain to the undeniable development course Eritrea is stepping on an independent political line and self reliant manner amidst all the ordeals waged upon it. This could be substantiated by the prior accusations foiled by the undertakings of the people of Eritrea and others.

The UN Security Council has now become the scapegoat to carry the responsibility of all the fabricated allegations to cover-up liability and subjugate Eritrea. As messages behind the imposed sanctions are evident, the United Nations need radical structural reform for it has been paralyzed by one nation’s single-handed peddling and direction. Because, the truth thwarted by the shackles of fear need to be unfolded.

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