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The pursuit towards success Bearing Fruit

The academic excellence of the 34 doctors graduated last week from Orotta School of Medicine and Dentistry is highly appreciable for 20 of them graduated at a distinction and 12 at great distinction level. Of course, the experiences of these students vary from one another for some are with fairly good resources and others are not. But, through understanding the path they chased to the graduation time, one could learn that this hard-won success is not only the outcome of the resources at disposal or a long cherished dream alone but also a realization of their unremitting individual effort which starts from the very beginning of their schooling period.

Without a doubt, the availability of the access to education is the very foundation of the redoubled success that has been registered each year in the education sector. Even though it is generally the outcome of collective efforts, the ultimate success registered in the education sector is mainly the result of concerted endeavors of the individual learner. Despite huge resources and broader opportunities many students remain incompetent to pursue their higher education, but a few succeed in their academic carrier for they strictly adhered to it, irrespective of the obstacles they regularly encounter.

Having a look on the achievement of an individual student could become a great insight and a good model for others to follow. As mentioned earlier all students of the 2011 graduating class of Orotta School of Medicine and Dentistry have scored appreciable results.  A medal winner from this year’s graduates, for instance, scores a GPA of 3.69.

But, what could be the reason for his and the success of the other students. During his early schooling period, Fithawi Ghirmay worked in transporting goods from and to different places of the town o

Fithawi with his parents
f Teseney by a Caro- a donkey or horse drawn cart. He also used to travel long to fetch firewood for sale. This way, even though education tuition is free in Eritrea, he used to cover the expense of educational materials and as well as support his family with the incomes he generates from the aforementioned carrier. But, this time, he is a Doctor like the other graduates of this year. His parents Mr. Ghirmay Ghebrekidan and Mrs. Umuna Tesfay said that they only supported him morally to succeed in his academic pursuit, but he rather assisted them not only in covering the expenses of educational materials but also shared with them the incomes he generates from his daily labors. In fact, all of the graduates no matter how resourceful they are or not, have earned their doctorate degree through ceaseless effort. As regards his educational success, Dr. Fithawi said “This year’s graduating class has indeed showed great excellence. It is only because there should be a ranking process that I stood first.”

All the graduates who have been nurtured in the cradle of the Eritrean society are now ready to offer services. For almost all members of this year’s graduating class have achieved academic excellence, their future success is guaranteed beforehand. As Prof. Andemariam Ghebremichael, Assistant Dean of Orotta School of Medicine and Dentistry, highlighted on the graduation event held last week at Asmara University, a number of scholarships are being offered to the students for further studies. In line with its development plans, the School has already sent 12 graduate assistants for further studies.  Three of them are studying in China in the fields of Pathology, Immunology and Biochemistry, two studying Physiology in Japan, two studying Microbiology, as well as Cell and Molecular Biology in India, and the rest five studying in Sudan in the fields of Pathology, Community Medicine, and Biochemist

Fithawi Ghirmay

The Orotta School of Medicine and Dentistry commenced its operation with 32 students in 2004. This school has been offering an eight-year course program in Medicine and a seven year program in Dentistry. As the school has been following a very tactical selection process, all the students who joined to the School have been showing commendable achievement; at times the results are more than expectations.
The progress registered in the health sector is very rewarding that the endeavors that  the school, the students and  the Government along with partners have made has opened a broader opportunity to meet the envisaged national goal of effectively responding healthcare needs of the entire Eritrean society.

Even though Orotta school of Medicine and Dentistry started to offer courses in the field of Medicine in 2004, the field of dentistry was its later development which incepted its operation in 2008. This time, there are a total of 354 students studying in Medicine and Dentistry.

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