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Reinforcing our Internal Strength is our Secrete

In the month of December 2009 and the same month in the year 2011, two resolutions 1907 and 2023 were consecutively adopted to sanction Eritrea. But the architects behind as well as the goals they intend to reach are fashionably outdated.

Although these resolutions have been put in papers tagged with numbers and were declared out loud, “undeclared sanctions” were imposed against Eritrea at different stages during the past decade. Nonetheless, today’s editorial will not be focusing on the sanctions, rather on what we need to do.

As our history and the history of other peoples is a witness to, the power of any given population emanates from the all rounded internal performance of the given population. Hence, the primary measurement for internal aptitude is political maturity and dynamism, while organization and sturdy discipline is the driving force to transform the maturity into substantial force.

Our internal vigor is of vital importance. It is because we are bound by strong national harmony, independent political line, balanced economic and social development, sparkling culture and values as well as social justice that we were able to stand strong against all the hostilities waged upon us.

Hence, it is our due to preserve our vigor and repeat our national tenet so as to trounce all the challenges ahead and achieve our national goal. Indeed, since it is our foremost and unswerving resource, we shouldn’t allow any loophole in this manner. To preserve and protect our national values, reinforcing our ideological and political stand is of great importance. Doubling our endeavors is also another task we need to focus in undertaking our activities in a way that coincide with enhancement of productivity, maintaining ongoing programs to provide efficient and needed services, transferring our values to the coming generations, as well as nurturing the know-how of our youth by equipping them with the required knowledge and skills. Destructive administrational failures, sloppy actions that compromise national values, extravagancy and other taboos also need to be unconditionally uprooted.

The secret of success is always a delicate factor; it is an internal strength. The astounding victories we registered during our revolutionary struggle is not because our enemies were underrated, to the contrary, they were the strongest army in black Africa, and their mentors were the world superpowers. Yet, we were able to emerge triumphant because our internal strength went way beyond their might. Yet again, the desperate hostilities being tailored by Eritrea’s archrivals will be compelled to face similar fate crashed against the unshakable national resource. This being said however, we will be required to reinforce our national rebuff for there is no way aggressions dissolve by themselves. By far, we will heighten our aptitude, integrity, organization and endeavors to come out brighter once again.


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