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An outstanding student with dream to write more books

Haben Teklom is one of those students who went to Sawa to complete his Grade 12 academic year in Warsai-Yikaelo School. Born in Asmara city of Maichehot   in 1994, he was Zagre awardee for scoring 4 in the National School Leaving Certificate Examination. Currently, he is pursuing his study in College of Health Science. Recently he published a fiction book in English under the title: “Parchment Murders”.

Let’s start how your performance was in your academic study?

I was enthusiastically following my study and as a result I was first prize winner except in grade 9.  For me, continuing my education in Sawa, didn’t make any difference. I was able to score 4 in the final exam. Though I didn’t have slightest doubt I would score excellent grade, I was overwhelmed when I found myself among the top students. Now, I am pursuing my studying Pharmacy at the College of Health Science with other brilliant students. I am interested in reading, writing and chemistry.

In your opinion, does scoring 4 Grade mean one has reached the highest verge of his/her knowledge?

Knowledge is not determined by scoring highest mark. Of course, grade is one factor in which a student’s performance in academy is measured. Beyond this, there are plenty of things in our daily social life that determines our success.

Tell us about the book you have published recently?

The book I have published in English narrates about murder and comprises 206 pages.  I was usually reading and watching movies in English and even my grandfather was warning me not to watch and read too much.  Whenever, I watched movies or read a book my aim was mastering English language and I guess I have succeeded.  I was engaged in reading contest with my classmates when I was grade 8, and this has helped me a great deal to nurture the habit of reading.

Why did you choose to write about murder book?

I was usually going home with my friends after school, but one day I was walking alone and an idea flow in my mind saying, “I saw an angel in your eyes although you are evil”. The main concept is based on that beast only could be utterly cruel.  All characters, plots and scene are fiction. I only used Eritrean names.  It may be difficult to write something you didn’t experience.  But the publishing of this book has great significance in my future career. 
So, what are we going to expect from you after you finish your study?
I have a plan to publish a book based on research.

Thank You!

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