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Keren: The core of all beauties (Part II)

Keren is a town surrounded by variety of landscapes and climate. It is also the center to different cultures for a number of ethnic groups residing in the region. The town is also rich in a number of historic and tourist sites. In view of the historical sites in the region, remaining of ancient buildings in Hamelmalo is one of the few unique historic sites located in the Anseba region. Similar buildings are located in Mai-Awaled with historical importance.

Although there was no concrete evidence to what the place used to be and who used to reside in the place. The place known as “Aratuk” in Bilen possess around 8 flat stoned with 1.50m width and 30c.m thickness, and the walls of those ancient buildings in Adi-Awaled were built with small round stones and have similar large flat stones at the end of each wall. Here also found relics of pots, grinding stones and the frequently used sharp instrument known as Obsidian.  In the eastern part of this particular place exists remnants of animal bones, green bottles.


To the south of “Aratuk”, there is a place known as the ‘place of the sultan’, or “Sultanuke” and “Mai Ramurk” which are rich with similar relics. According to the folklore of the inhabitants this is the place where the Turkish colonizers used to reside, and the word “sultan’ was derived from the Turkish settlement in the area. The existence of the bottles and some unusual plants are also evidence to the existence of the Turkish.

In the vast plains surrounding the town of Keren are also the places where farms that used to grow crops for commercial use for the first time in the country. In addition, to those vast agricultural fields around the Anseba River, the kaleidoscope climate and ever changing landscape marks the town in particular and the region in general one of the core of historic and tourist sites of the country. Those farms possess natural vegetation and variety of wildlife. At present, the wildlife that have been extinct with the continuous wars in the region has been improving, there are hyena, gazelle and ostrich, among others spreads around Kerkebet, and other parts of the region. The history, historic sites, vast farm lands and monasteries, as well as many other resources in the region make Keren and Anseba region the core of all beauties.

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