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The meeting between EPLF and Sagem

The vigorous efforts made for unity with ELF’s central committee leadership was registering satisfactory outcome. Both fronts conducted extensive discussions on the objective situation in the field. They further agreed on that the Jeddah Agreement is initiated by external forces for their own benefit and both fronts opposed the agreement. They reach to an understanding point on working together. After the meetings between the aforementioned fronts, the greater force of Sagem in Sudan joined the front in the field and cooperation between the two fronts was initiated and mutual operations and work-plan also started to be implemented. The agreement continued for two years and when it reached to a certain level of better relations, agreement was reached to unite the fronts. On March, 1987 unity was formed between EPLF and Sagem in the second congress for unity.

The unity between the two fronts made one thing clear- all forces fighting for liberation of Eritrea were able to work together and unit without the intervention of external forces. Unlike the previous failed attempts this latter unity was a successful unity.

As mentioned before it is clear that EPLF was making vigorous efforts to unit all fronts fighting for liberation of the nation. Not only the initiatives taken with Sagem, there were also other initiatives taken by EPLF to unity with all small fronts. There were also fighters that joined EPLF individually and in groups exposing the ploys of the groups hindering unity of the forces. And such flow of nationalists play vital role for the march forward in the unification process of the fronts.

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