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Truth: The Untiring Perseverance

30 years ago in the same month, a scheme was laid out to annihilate the Eritrean people once and for all. The Eritrean people, however, managed to independently prevail over the then superpowers; and those doomsayers themselves died a death. The Eritrean people not only took due pride of its gallant combatants—who rose above the superpowers single-handed—but also emerged victorious in a glorious history.

Now after three decades, comparable acts of hostility are being waged against the Eritrean people. Whereas the country is a historic trust of martyrs, the Eritrean people—whose historic exploits have, with every emerging challenge, proven him more dignified—yet remains ironclad. And hence, if attempts to succumb the Eritrean people were in vain before three decades, so are the efforts being resorted to prompting the hard-earned dignity unfeasible today.


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