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Equity: The Basis for Justice and Lasting Development

We are now witnessing an outburst of a long-drawn-out cumulative suppression in different parts of the world in which the continuously flaring popular springs are voicing demands for a meaningful political participation and dignified living standards. The primary culprit for the uprisings in the developed and developing regions of the world has continued to be the unjust and vicious acts of monopoly by a handful minority. The key solution for the aforementioned factor is but ridding of such state of affairs and establishing a civilized and yet harmonious coexistence that guarantees equity and social justice. It is only when justice reigns that the world can ensure a lasting concord, and thus, creates a civilized grand social life. Cognizant of the rationality of this fact, the people and Govern¬ment of Eritrea have set early on in the National Charter for Eritrea a clear-cut goal towards building a political and economic system that ensures social justice. Thus, equal rights and opportunities are the ma¬trix of social justice. Justice cannot prevail bereft of equitable political rights and economic opportunities.

The Government of Eritrea, beholden to accomplish the hard-won chapter, pursued a strategy of guaranteeing all-round equity so as to fulfill popular aspiration. In view of this fact, the Eritrean Government is undertaking extensive national development programs that satisfy the aspirations of the entire people, ensure equitable economic de¬velopment, as well as bridge the development gap between the ur¬ban and rural areas and the center and the periphery region. Need¬less to say, capital cities in many countries are centers of economic operations and construction works. In Eritrea, however, the trend is the reverse. The entire expertise and resources are deployed throughout the country, especially in those areas which were marginalized due to colonial policies, in the effort to effect radical change through major development programs.

The fact that equitable economic development is being registered in all parts of the society guarantees the Eritrean people sustainable merits. Indeed, the aspiration of every Eritrean people is a united on¬ward march in the avenue of development and a concord that espouses equal rights. The Government’s development strategy that underpins the said aspiration has as yet managed to score impressive develop¬ment accomplishments, which would lay the groundwork for such civilized social life. This is so because equity is the basis for justice; and, justice is in turn the foundation for national unity and sustainable development!

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