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Ministerial Cabinet meeting holds deliberations on development plans and programs vis-à-vis their implementation

A meeting of the Eritrean Cabinet of Ministers that convened today in the State Palace conducted deliberations on development plans and programs vis-à-vis their implementation for the next 8 months and beyond.

Asmara, 9 March 2012 – A meeting of the Eritrean Cabinet of Ministers that convened today in the State Palace conducted deliberations on development plans and programs vis-à-vis their implementation for the next 8 months and beyond.

During discussion on implementation details sector by sector, the meeting noted that the envisaged investment programs involving substantial capital and machinery aim at ensuring sustainable economic growth to the benefit of the Eritrean people. Commending the impressive development endeavors being made by nationals inside the country and abroad, and particularly those serving in remote corners, the Ministerial Cabinet meeting conducted in-depth discussions on programs under implementation in each sector.


In briefings he gave at the meeting on national development strategy for 2012 and beyond, President Isaias Afwerki pointed out that a number of projects would be undertaken with a view to ensuring sustainable economic growth on the basis of a set timeframe and the requisite budget.

Proceeding to discussion on the work accomplishments of all the ministries during the past four months, the meeting reviewed the performances registered.

Regarding the activities of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Cabinet of Ministers discussed programs set for implementation in the next few months concerning cultivation of select seeds, soil and water conservation activities, animal health and products, as well as forestation activities, among others.

On activities of the Ministry of Public Works, the meeting received briefings on the ongoing expansion and renovation of a number of public works. The Cabinet of Ministers underlined the need to ensure effective follow-up and control mechanism for such projects.  

Following briefing on the putting in place of gas depots and cylinders in various places coupled with the setting up of power lines and the like, the meeting reviewed the progress made in the exploration and exploitation of natural resources in the energy and mining sector.

Furthermore it called for concerted action on reinforcing activities towards harnessing energy potentials and creating suitable ground for establishing integrated solar, wind and geo-thermal potentialities, in addition to exerting more effort to study and harness existing mineral resources.

In the sector of transport and communications, the Ministerial Cabinet meeting stressed the need to ensure coordinated work methodology of transport lines, capability, infrastructure setup, and the requisite energy requirements thereof. Noting that developing viable air, land and sea transport constitutes major yardstick of progress at the global level, the meeting emphasized the need to work out effective control and monitoring mechanisms.

With regard to marine resources, the meeting took note of the fact that activities undertaken to upgrade the traditional method of production, raise the awareness of the public on maritime laws and plans to increase supply of fish to be handled by the Fish Corporation and related matters did not produce the desired objectives. In this connection, it underlined that the maritime activities be revised and practical action programs be drawn up.

Concerning the activities of the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministerial Cabinet underlined that different training programs are being provided in a bid to bring about quality tourism services through raising public awareness campaigns, as well as conducting studies on national heritage.

In its deliberations on trade and industry, the meeting took note of the existing policies, outcome and future action plan, as well as their sustainability.

As regards finance, the Ministerial Cabinet, following report on the annual balance of national income and expenditure, conducted discussion on fiscal activities envisaged towards balancing income and expenditure, besides creating conducive environment for income-generating activities.

In its deliberations regarding activities of the Ministry of National Development, it reviewed efforts made to improve the lifestyle of citizens vis-à-vis the supply of consumer goods and services. It further stressed the paramount importance of encouraging investment in relation with the demands of national programs and design projects and their effective implementation. Regarding planning, the meeting discussed the implementation of action programs of the different ministries and their budgetary demands. The meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers concluded today. More report on the deliberations would be presented tomorrow.

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