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Massawa: Seagate To Eritrea’s Flourishing Tourism Industry

Massawa is one of the legendary places in the history of Eritrea. It is one of the cities that demand¬ed thousands of lives during the armed struggle period. This histori¬cal place has undergone changes in various sectors of development after independence and that has be¬come a tourist attraction ever since. Many domestic and foreign tourists have been visiting Massawa for its peaceful and magnificent view of the Red Sea, its hospitable people and indeed the beautiful landscape. The amusement starts from the moment one reaches Bete-Ghi¬orgis leaving Asmara behind. The journey to Massawa is really breath taking with the picturesque sight of the mountains along with the clouds which seems blending with the mountains. Reaching the port city of Massawa after two hours drive experiencing three seasons is in¬deed wonderful.

The government of Eritrea has put a lot of efforts in developing and constructing the city. Since then different achievements have been registered in various sectors. Various infrastructure have been put in place, new and advanced high-ways have been built which create easy accessi¬bility for citizens to move from here and there. Further more, the Port of Massawa has been reconstructed by investing a huge amount of capi¬tal hence currently has a worldwide standard. The port has also tourism destination. Many tourists are visiting Eritrea from different corners of the world thorough this port.

The effort the government and people of Eritrea has invested and put in action has totally trans¬formed the beautiful city to an international level. Above and be¬yond being source of income to the country’s tourism industry it has become a center of  cultures, traditions, customs, norms and historical places for visitors to enjoy and learn. To enjoy and witness this rich historical tourism sites a number of tourists are now visiting Eritrea.

First time visitor Mr. Alexandro from Italy said that he has planned to celebrate his birthday in Eritrea for so long but he couldn’t find the perfect time to do it. However, this time he found the right time to cel¬ebrate his birthday in Eritrea. For him it was a dream come true. He added that his journey from Asmara to Massawa made his trip much more exciting. He further said, “Especially the high-way between Asmara and Massawa is something incredible. You start at a height of 2600 meters and then arrive on the sea level in two hours; in these two hours the country side is continuously chang¬ing from the green forest to the sandy sea shore. There is the fog, the sun, the cold weather and in the middle the weather is quite fresh then in Mas¬sawa it is hot. You can visit three seasons in only 100 kilometers. It is really amazing.”

Another visitor from Italy Mrs. Shanful with her husband John Paulo and three kids have visited different places in Eritrea. Mrs. Shanful said, “There is just a magic about Massawa which is in its still¬ness and in its people’s compassion. There is a rhythm in the streets, which is just perfectly gentle. We are always happy here. The people are kind and always with smiling faces. The nature of this city is unique and stunning.”

Mr. John Paulo added that he was born in Asmara because his parents were investing in different businesse ventures in Asmara. Mr. John is also planning to do business in Eri¬trea in the coming years.

Mr. Primo Jovani is one of the many investors who admire the beauty of Massawa and its people. After coming back from Italy he invested in reconstructing of Dahlak hotel which could serve about 300 people and build a guest park in the island of Dese. Mr. Primo said, “I wanted to invest here just because of the people, they are nice and ac¬commodating. I am just happy to invest on something that’s totally worthy. It is just a beautiful and peaceful city to live in. Any one feels safe to walk any time of the day or the night. I feel safe here. And that’s why I decided to live in Massawa. I love the Eritrean people and I love Eritrea.”

Experiencing the beautiful nature of Massawa is just what attracts the tourists more and more every time. The sunset with the calm weaves of the sea jumping up and down around six o’clock is just some¬thing you can’t get enough of it. People go to the sea shore to have a good time, refresh their mind and explore the history.
At present domestic tourism is also flourishing in Eritrea. Students of Saint Mary Secondary school from Asmara had a trip to Mas¬sawa along with their teachers. The director of the school Mr. Samsom Tikabo said that the only reason they visited this place was for his students to have a good time and explore their history before they go to Sawa for their Matriculation exams and fulfill their national ser¬vice. He added that the students re¬ally enjoyed the time like never before.

One of the students Ammanuel Abraha said, “We came here with two aims: to enjoy the sea and to see some of the unique fishes and study them back in our labora¬tory. Not only that but we have seen the great view starting from Asmara until here. It is just amazing.”

“We are on this trip just because we are about to go to Sawa this year and we want to strengthen our bond of friendship in Massawa. It is a great place to love, laugh and have a great time. It is un¬forgettable place to be at. We are never going to forget this day,” said Shewit Negasi from Saint Mary Secondary school
This historical place shares his¬tory of the past and good times of the present. The people share good heart and good behavior. Massawa is a combination of every¬thing.

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