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“There is Nothing Unachievable Through labor and Laborers,” NCEW

Mr. Tsegay Mogos
The National Confederation of Eritrean Workers has been working to establish a good cooperation partnership with a number of regional and international associations and trade union organizations. It has succeeded towards meeting the envisaged goal. Such relationships have also been very influential in narrowing differences and addressing common challenges through collective endeavors. But, what sort of bilateral relationships has the NCEW been maintaining with other trade unions and organizations? What are the conditions of the country’s industrial relationships? Shabait has conducted an interview with Mr. Tsegay Megos, NCEW’s Deputy Secretary General and Head of International Relations. Excerpts of the interview follow:

What are the work accomplishments of the NCEW in the 2011?

The National Confederation of Eritrean Workers (NCEW) has accomplished a wide range of activities in the 2011. Ensuring a good relationship between employees and employers has been among the focal points of its mission. In connection to upgrading workers skills at varied fields of works, the NCEW has been exerting endeavors in setting up a vocational training center in Massawa which is, at this time, nearing finalization. Besides, another vocational center that is also aimed to meet a noble goal of up- grading workers competence in varied field of works is also under way. What is more is that, the NCEW has greatly succeeded in publication and documentation activities. It is now at a higher level of organizational capacity. We have also extensively worked as regards feature organizational shape of NCEW. More significantly, we are also looking ahead to partake and play due role in the growing mining sector.

What sort of state of affairs has the NCEW been maintaining with different regional and international trade unions and organizations?

NCEW is a member of different regional and international workers associations and trade unions. So far it has maintained good relationships with Trade Union Federation of East Africa (TUFEA), Organization of African Trade Union Unity (OATUO), and international Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), Southern Initiative on Globalization and Trade Union Rights (SIGTUR), Sahelo-Saharan States Organization (SIN-SAD) and others. Being a member of such trade unions and organizations has helped in a great deal to portray Eritrea’s true image. Apart from Africa, we have also been maintaining very encouraging bilateral relationships with Italy, Norway and Denmark. The NCEW is also planning to reinforce such relations. Through the relationships we have maintained with them, we have gained huge support and they have been standing by our side in every aspect.

What are the benefits of maintaining healthy relationships among counter part associations and organizations?

The bilateral relations we maintained with regional and international workers associations and trade unions have paved a smooth way for good cooperation partnerships among all associations of member states. Such a partnership is indeed very helpful for it enables members take advantage of varied vocational training available in different countries. Regional associations for instance could, for instance, take advantages of the vocational trainings that would be offered in Kenya and Sudan. Owing to the good relationship we have maintained, a 33 member group of Sudanese women workers has recently conducted a tour in Eritrea. Bearing in mind that such a visit is in fact an indication of the healthy relationships we maintained with other associations in the region, the NCEW is working to enhance it through concerted efforts.

Could you also tell us about the state of industrial relations in Eritrea?

Although working to ensure duties and responsibilities of worker and employees are respected, the NCEW is very proud of Eritrea’s inherent values of work ethics which has been very imperative in maintainig good relationships. Thus, the country’s standard of industrial relations is in a very good shape to a point of very gratifying level.

What could you say about this year’s International Workers Day?

We are planning to commemorate this year’s International Workers Day under the theme “There is Nothing Unachievable through Labor and Laborers.” What this theme implies is that no matter the intense of hostilities, the inherent values of work ethics of the Eritrean people will surmount any unholy attempt by enemy quarters and at last the country would emerge victorious.

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