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Meeting of Regional Administrators conducted

A meeting of regional Administrators was conducted today at State House here in the capital.

Asmara, 10 May, 2012 – A meeting of regional Administrators was conducted today at State House here in the capital.

The meeting first heard briefings by President Isaias Afwerki and experts engaged in charting infrastructure projects regarding priorities in infrastructure projects and development prospects, as well as their relative advantages both at the national and regional level.

Moreover, the meeting held discussion on work accomplishment over the past six months in each Administrative region and development programs envisaged for this year’s rainy season. A detailed outline was presented at the meeting as regards the land set for cultivation during the rainy season, the desired farm crops both in scope and quality, the required tractors and machinery aimed at boosting agricultural output, particularly ensuring food security. In addition, the meeting assessed the existing state of affairs concerning rainfall.

The meeting of regional Administrators also heard detailed reports on activities that reinforce production and productivity, specifically soil and water conservation, construction of micro-dams, water catchments, diversion canals, development of irrigation farming and ensuring water supply both for humans and livestock. It further held discussion on making prudent utilization of water in dams and micro-dams and in particular seeing to it that an end is put to the prevailing practice of uneconomical use of water in urban centers.

Following extensive discussion on the activities undertaken and their outcome over the past six months on the part of communities and EDF members as regards development and conservation of natural resources, horticulture, enhancement of green feed and boosting animal resources, the meeting of regional Administrators underlined the need for putting up strenuous endeavors towards achieving still more gratifying outcome.

In closing remarks at the meeting, President Isaias underscored the need for mapping out coordinated strategy on the part of all Administrative regions regarding action programs pertaining to construction and agriculture, and above all the available expertise and machineries within the context of the integrated national development plan.

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