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Youth workers in Foro sub-zone conduct second regular meeting

Youth workers in Foro sub-zone conducted second regular meeting. Foro, 14 May 2012 –Youth workers in Foro sub-zone conducted second regular meeting.

Mr. Seid Ali, head of administration and finance in the local Administration, indicated that youths in the locality have been exerting integrated endeavors in line with government endeavors to enhance development nationwide. He also called on them to emphasize on strength of will so as to achieve their goals.

Mr. Saleh Ahmed Nafi’e, head of the NUEYS branch in the locality, said on his part in a speech he delivered on the occasion that such meetings are a basis for exchange of experience and setting goals, and called on the participants to play vital role in reinforcing the organizational capacity of the Union.

Mr. Asmerom Shimondi, head of the youth workers union in the locality, asserted that there exists good sense of work enthusiasm among them.

Among the participants, Mr. Ibrahim Omar and Mr. Tezare Zemede, commended the accomplishments made by the Union’s branch as regards nurturing all-round competence of youths, and called on pertinent bodies to organize training courses to them.

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