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Don’t Give Up: Never Quit Trying

Life is full of ups and downs; it is filled with challenges, dissatisfactions and troubles.  It’s so obvious that many people could face many challenges when nothing seemed to go in its proper way for them. Hence, in such a situation they should only take a break and never give up. When things go beyond our capacity; out of control, when we are exhausted, and tired, we should never give up but try hard to fix things and make our mind take some rest. When we are tired, weary and overwhelmed, we should never give up whatever we are up to.  We should just be courageous, strong and powerful, filled with hope and strength to work harder and harder.

We should have a vision of what our future should be like so as to make it a provision, without giving up halfway discouraged by some momentary failures.  Instead, be creative and imaginative, for imagination is the mother of all creativity. Think about all the great people who were physically challenged living a tough life but they did not let that handicap to decide the path of their life. They never think of losing hope and of quitting encountered by those difficulties.  They just march forward to reach their goals and dreams like anyone else.

Before any one becomes successful, he is certain to meet with some failures or temporary defeat. He may fall so many times before success comes to him.  When this defeat surpasses the personality he would find it easy to quit; quitting would be the easiest thing for him. That is what the majority of people tend to do. But it should not be like that, one must fight hard any challenges that he may face in life. Quitting whenever circumstances happen against us is un-welcome and premature habit.  Once you started doing it you will always try to leak challenges unable to manage with even the slightest of obstacles. If you want to be a successful person get to know that you have to face with so many difficulties, that you will suffer now so as to live a life of excellence ever. But this reward is realized only by those who never quit, by those who try to fight against the all odds they face during difficult times.  This quality helps human beings to achieve their goals at any cost and later bear fruit. No one is a loser until he quits trying.

As human beings, as long as we are not perfect, we should know that we would fall down so many times. We should understand that failure is a stepping stone towards success.  We should just develop the quality of optimism in ourselves. So many people lose hope when they are just about to achieve success, killing all the time they spent and wasting all the hard work they exerted to the effort.

All the innovative and creative people have functioned from an optimistic state of mind, a positive thought and did not influence by anything that comes to block their way. They just stop their negative thoughts and refuse to quit from accomplishing their great endeavors. We all know and believe that human potential has no limitations, so we must learn how to operate.  Let’s just say we can do it, for we have limitless potential and possibility which demands our ultimate strength and effort.  Let’s just imagine that we will succeed one day,that we would win over despite all the difficulties that we would encounter.  We should develop our self-esteem, for those who quit trying are those who are poor in developing their self- confidence.

No one can be operative and effective with poor self- esteem.  Have confidence in yourself and your own abilities. Self-esteem will make you march forward towards the destination point you want to reach. We should be alert in choosing the right attitudes to go on without quitting in our journey towards our ultimate goals.  We should avoid a negative attitude that discourages us from working. We should understand and learn to yield from our failures and cheer in our success. We should be cool and calm whenever we meet with financial problems, let’s just relax and be successful.

To live a meaningful life which is of excellence, we must never give up; we should engage in quality thoughts, purposeful accomplishment and steadfast belief and consideration. Let’s practice the habit of going the extra mile and surpass anticipations.

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