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Views of Diaspora Eritreans about the 21st Independence Anniversary

Demsas Nur
Foreign visitors have been amazed and tantalized by the way Eritrea’s Independence Day has been celebrated. What they see before them is just a feast to the eyes. Eritreans inside the country and from abroad have also in harmony been very keen to experience what delight they could find through communal gatherings and making necessary arrangements to celebrate the hard-won independence. All nationals through out the country have been with one accord on cloud nine. Diaspora Eritreans have been flocking to the home land to personally enjoy the merriment of independence along their fellow Eritreans. What are their views of the 21 Independence Day anniversary?

What are your views regarding independence in general and the way the 21st Independence Day Anniversary is being celebrated in general?


Asefash Araya, who came from the US, San Jose, to celebrate the Independence Day anniversary describes her feelings as follows:

I have been visiting the homeland for a number of years, but it is my first time to celebrate the Independence Day here in Eritrea along side the very loving people.  I have found every thing beyond my expectations, it is just very overwhelming. I would like to congratulate the members of defense force who have been fighting against all odds and for the entire Eritrean people for their resilience and registering extraordinary achievements.  What we feel about independence is all the same being here or in the US. But, we are here celebrating independence in the very day and in great number which is very different of that of the US.

Azieb Asfha also from the US, Seattle, has also shared her views saying:

I first came to Eritrea during the referendum time that is in 1993, after Eritrea’s independence. I am just incompetent to express the joy I felt at that time and I am now feeling great enthusiasm. And it is my second time to celebrate Independence Day here in my country. We have strong attachment with the people inside the country and our love for the country could not be expressed by the power of words.  Irrespective of subtle ploys that have been weaved, there is no Eritrean who could be entrapped by such unholy conspiracies. Our heart beats have always been in harmony with the beats of our country. Every body in the diaspora has been keenly involved in every aspect to make sure that we are not away and detached from our country. We are and we will be always keeping our pace with once accord to what the nation demands from us all.

A number of observes of the official Independence Day celebrations like Mussie Tesfay, who came to Eritrea from Khartoum, Sudan, Mihret Hidru who delayed her trip back to US for about two months to enjoy the celebratory event and also others form the US, Italy  and Canada have common expression on how they feel about Independence Day:

Taking into account the fruits of independence, we don’t have any regrets for the martyrdom that was paid for the noble cause of freeing Eritrea. Our Martyrs are living among us and we are being honored by the blood they shade for our well being. We are excited and every body is happy. We feel powered to see the Eritrean society living in harmony, peace and stability which is the fruit of independence. Every body in the diaspora is very excited to see such festive events in person. Thus, we are proud to be part of such festive events. We have never seen such huge number of people coming together to celebrate the occasion. The celebrations are smooth and peaceful that one hardly finds elsewhere. Therefore, we are proud of what we are. The magnet in here packs everybody together. But, in the diaspora it is only the Eritrean community, and in here it is the entire city gathered in one platform. We just run out of words to express what we feel deep inside.

Thank you all!

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