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President Omar Al-Beshir leaves for home concluding visit to Eritrea

President Omar Hassan Al-Beshir of the Republic of Sudan, left for home today concluding a three-day visit to Eritrea.

Asmara, 26 May, 2012 – President Omar Hassan Al-Beshir of the Republic of Sudan, left for home today concluding a three-day visit to Eritrea.

In a press statement they gave to reporters at Asmara International Airport, Presidents Isaias and Omar Al-Beshir pointed out that the visit was successful in all aspects, and that both countries share common understanding and similar stance on various issues.

President Isaias further indicated that the visit of the Sudanese President attests to the growing cooperation between the two sisterly countries in all domains and one that reinforces historical ties among peoples. He also indicated that both sides conducted deep and positive discussion on bilateral relations, developments in Sudan and the region, as well as on regional and international issues of interest to both sides.

Stating that President Omar Al-Beshir’s visit to Eritrea conveyed a strong message to all those who claim that there exists difference between us, President Isaias elaborated that Eritrea and Sudan enjoy growing relations of cooperation in the sectors of education, health, agriculture, as well as trade and investment.

Replying to a question regarding the problem created between the two Sudans, President Isaias said that the best option is to foster complementary relations, and that the two countries need to co-exist and look forward free from the interference of external forces.

President Omar Al-Beshir on his part said that the visit has enabled him to have direct contact with the Eritrean people, and that in the course of a visit to the Southern region, he managed to observe impressive activities regarding soil and water conservation, modern utilization of water resource and the construction of micro-dams and water catchments. Thanks to accomplishing development tasks on the basis of self-reliance, the Eritrean people are on the path of realizing export goals, President Omar Al-Beshir added.

President Isaias accorded warm send-off to Marshal Omar Hassan Al-Beshir on departure for home from Asmara International Airport concluding a three-day visit.

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