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Just and Constructive Engagement: the Ultimate Solution for the Sudans

A number of events, whose inference is to remain a matter of historical record, have persistently been unfolding throughout the world, especially in the Horn of Africa. It is an everyday occurrence to witness conflicts—which were not supposed to occur in the first instance, and if so, that could have simply been averted through pacific solution—being fueled into perpetual chaos. Such phenomenon has thus proven justified for the so-called peacekeeping, but in reality, warmonger force, to live off this blessing in disguise.

This proposition of a coffin-maker has more than anywhere else been exasperating in the Horn region. Fulltime spin doctors were designated to impart utter disintegration of the Somali nationhood. To this end, a special detachment in charge of fomenting the crisis thereof is as yet in operation. A negligible incident between Eritrea and Djibouti, which enemy quarters resorted to blow it out of proportion, has clearly demonstrated mere bankruptcy of these forces. The purported border dispute between Eritrea and Ethiopia, which has already been concluded politically, legally and technically, remains obstructed by the masters of crisis management, albeit hermetically sealed.

Regional organizations that were set up by the states in the constituency to deliberate on internal state of affairs have now turned, shelving the public trust under the tutelage of their masters, into servile tools of the conspirators with a view to simmering down respective matters.

Under such state of affairs, the volatile scenario of the South Sudan—now the issue of two sovereign states—has been driven round the bend by so-called ‘honest brokers’, who have specialized in internationalizing matters and micromanaging crisis. It is, however, the goodwill of the Eritrean people for the two Sudanese peoples of the South and North to weigh—counting upon the experienced gleaned thus far—the vision of a common and lasting peace and stability against subsidiary differences, lay in the face of all acts of conspiracy the groundwork for development, harmony and peaceful coexistence to posterity, tell apart between the vicious enemy quarters on the sly and sincere intermediary, as well as to resolve their problems through direct, just and constructive engagement. Indeed, it is the people and Government of Eritrea that shoulder, for a logical rationale, the foremost onus in the affairs of the two Sudans.

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