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Birth of Enjhay: New Settlement Area Named After Its White Stone Resources

Enjhay –named after its white stones resources that are largely available in Teseney sub-zone which is also situated in the western part of the Gash-Barka region, has evolved into a settlement area with the coming of settlers from some villages of the Southern and Anseba regions. As it has become a common happening to see many urban and sub-urban centers being expanded and provided with access to highly essential social services, one many not be amazed to witness such areas have just been gaining access to more effective and most latest development of any sort. But, any passerby would definitely wonder to see plains that were once wildernesses have become settlements. Enjhay is, therefore, a newly coined name for an area on which a new village is situated-a site which amazes every visitor who knew the area before.

What could be the reason behind resettling the inhabitants of some villages of Southern and Anseba regions to a new area that was not inhabited before? What is like to be a pioneer in such area? Did the new settlers simply like the place or there were some dissatisfaction in starting every thing from a scratch? What have been Government’s efforts to develop strong attachments with this newly established but future bread basket for these new inhabitants? 

The new settlement area which has now started form scratch would definitely grow into a big urban center. What at this stage needs to be implemented in the first place is basic necessities that would enable the inhabitants of that area earn their living and thereby made due share in its growth.

Ismail Ahmed Ismail, who now settled in Enjhay, leaving behind his former village and everything he acquainted with in that respective area of Senafe sub-zone expresses the motive behind settling in an area that needs more

Mr. Ismail Ahmed Ismail
efforts to be founded as a settlement saying: “We moved to this place just to lead our lives self-sufficiently with the incomes we generate from the resources available in this area.”

Enjhay is now inhabited by around 1,900 people from both Anseba and southern regions who have been engaged in farming activities and also in other employments.  These people have lived there since June 2009. So, Enjhay is a three year old village, which would definitely grow into urban area owing to the commitment on the part of its inhabitants and most notably through Government’s concerted efforts in implementing service rendering institutions.

Before settling in Enjhay, the inhabitants of this respective area used to earn their living solely relaying on seasonal agricultural harvest. Even though they have not so far succeeded in farming, the inhabitants around this respective area have gained opportunity to earn their living through alternative job opportunities available in Enjhay and its environs. 

Primary and junior educational service has been offered to the inhabitants of this area ever since they settled there. But, concerted endeavors need to be exerted in order to attract as many students as possible. Students who have been engaged in business activities leaving their academic career behind should be encouraged to pursue their education through extensive awareness rising programs. Deficits of teachers and teaching materials have been constraints that negatively affect the overall educational progress. However, what has been achieved so far is a steppingstone to further developments in the education sector.

Medical care services have been offered in a clinic constructed there and, despite the workload, medical experts in this clinic have been offering good services. The inhabitants never accept dependency, but rather set out to earn their daily leaving through engaging themselves in extra working hours. These people are indeed very optimistic to see ever-increasing development undertaking being carried out in their respective locality. Mr. Ismail said that they are looking ahead to see deficits of potable water solved and also to see their students pursuing education at ease in properly constructed schools. What is more is that the people of Enjhay are more eager to have a broader access to healthcare services. Even though the newly founded village, Enjhay, does not have electric supply, it has been gaining access to mobile telephone services and privately owned generators have been giving this village a ray of hope to what would be implemented in the future. This time, Enjhay has developed into a village and many of the shortcomings that were encountered during the onset would be gradually solved and the settlers would soon enjoy being its inhabitants.

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