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“Human Rights’ – A maxim of the forces of deceit!

The US State Department has issued defamatory statement regarding Eritrea in its so-called annual report characterized with the same content and spirit. The US State Department has issued defamatory statement regarding Eritrea in its so-called annual report characterized with the same content and spirit.

The special interest groups with seemingly two political parties but one in essence that owe their existence on the power of money have labeled the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ) as ‘being one party system.’ The US Administration tried to deny that unlike the political parties in that country assuming power through 26% ballot cards bought and sold with money, the PFDJ is built on the blood and bones of the Eritrean people.

The Administration in Washington that holds control over Guantanamo, the notorious prison in the world, and one in which 37 million of its citizens languish in prisons, and in which the number of blacks in prison exceed those attending school has alleged that Eritrea practices detaining of nationals.

The same administration in which 99% of citizens live under the mercy of 1% corporate magnets and where 47% of them are dependent on food stamps opted to shed crocodile tears and send so-called letter of condolence to Eritrean for alleged practice of forced labor and hunger.

The trouble maker that has flamed religious wars dividing the world between Christian and Islam, Shia with Sunni, Jews with Palestine, Bako-Haram and non-Bako-Haram in  Afghanistan, Pakistan, Gaza, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Nigeria, etc. is labeling slander against Eritrea for ‘violation of religious rights.’

The owner of the Pentagon in which 46% of its female soldiers are suffering from rape and mental disorder is accusing Eritrea of not respecting gender equality.
That is indeed a ridiculous accusation of the deceitful!

It is to be noted that the first US President, George Washington, in the last days of office had proposed not only in words but also through writing that if the United States is to become a country of the people, it has to embrace one-party system. These facts are not only recorded in their documents but are also embodied in the cruel hearts of the special interest groups.

Hence, it is the worst joke to witness the forces of domination and conceit pretending to uphold human rights.

One may refer to the pretentions of successive US administrations to this end as a typical fashion of putting up such pretentious stance in the 21st century.
The issue calls for extensive commentary. But to put it in brief, the principle of upholding human rights is not one that entitles any party to utter out anything at will but rather a culture that is nurtured with the development of societies and political systems. Politicians and institutions in the United States need to be scrutinized within this framework.

The history of the USA is a history of misery and frustrations of mankind!

Although it calls for deep research as to why the original settlers in that country opted to migrate to America, as well as their aspirations and psychological attitude, it is nonetheless indisputable that they did not do so out of good intentions.

History attests to the fact that the original settlers wiped out the native settlers, later referred to as “Red Indians,” and throwing the rest into dungeons with a view to satisfying their greedy appetites. By the standards of the 21st century, the entire phenomenon could be categorized as “crime against humanity” or “ethnic cleansing.”

In this connection, another typical instance worth citing is the fact that the original US settlers not only forced thousands of people of African origin under inhumane conditions to serve as farm slaves but also treated them as nationals without any rights, a practice that continued until the mid 20th century. It is said that George Washington used to own 17 slaves. If at all it is to be considered ‘an act of goodwill,’ it is because he allowed them to get medical treatment.

It is a matter of record in the United States that women did not enjoy respect of their human rights until the first quarter of the 20th century.

In the course of the 20th century and to this day, successive Administrations in Washington extended support to oppressive and exploitative regimes, as well as suppressing people’s rights so as to ensure a geo-political system that guarantees their economic hegemony. This is fully confirmed by the prevailing misery around the globe that cannot be covered up whatsoever through acts of crude oppression or threat.

US political and economic domination, and thereby attaining hegemony, was not achieved through respect of human rights and goodwill but rather through acts of deceit and plunder. It is a sad historical fact that Washington’s political culture and psychology is based on deceit and domination, in addition to crude exploitation of other peoples’ work and resources.

Any historical incident is based on specific objective scenario and phenomena; it is said that, apart from history, it is better to talk about the objective situation in today’s world. Unless anything new surfaces, past phenomena and today’s reality is but the same. In this regard, numerous instances could be cited. It is apparent that centuries-old political culture could not change overnight.

What is being witnessed today and Washington’s pretentious utterances and deeds concerning human rights are but essentially designed to exercise economic exploitation, attain political supremacy and weaken nations and societies through vertical polarization, besides reinforcing a situation of total obedience.


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