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Quantum Leap: The Fruit Of Redoubled Rebuff

With the dawn of the independence of Eritrea in 1991, an optimal opportunity for development and cooperation partnership was on the horizon not only for the peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia, but also for the entire peoples of the Horn of Africa. Due to a strange quirk of history, however, Policies of the new world order that emerged following the end of the Cold War era have, in an attempt to ensure monopoly and hegemony, held back the prospects of the Horn region, thereby fomenting incessant crises.

As a result of such adventurous policy of the hegemonist forces, the Eritrean people, in the wake of the achievement of independence, has spent three-quarter of these 21 years in the battle against all acts of flagrant hostilities over its independence and sovereignty, as well as the immeasurable military, economic, diplomatic and psychological war¬fare being waged unremittingly. Taking the brazen invasion and the un¬ending multiple acts of conspiracy for granted, however, the Eritrean people has, without being kept hostage, emerged victorious in the en¬visaged national development program. Impressive accomplishments thus far scored in laying the foundation for real emancipation are quite palpablein terms of time, limitation of resources and the immensity of challenges encountered.

As President Isaias Afwerki keynoted in his 21st Independence Day speech, “The state of our economy has reached the takeoff stage not because of the ongoing mining activities, but due to the nation’s integrated development strategy under implementation in all sectors and different parts of the country with a view to laying reliable groundwork for last¬ing progress.”

At this historic juncture of two fold rebuff, the frustration of the in¬vading forces is irrefutably ascribed to the fact that the Eritrean people has managed to effectively carryout national development programs in the face of the unremitting acts of conspiracy, and especially, the Eri¬trean Defense Force, notwithstanding the subterfuges to incapacitate it, has time and again proven vanguard of the national development drive and Eritrea’s sovereignty. Indeed, no force whatsoever shall once again keep hold of the invincible Eritrean people who has now reached a promising stage triumphing over all acts of conspiracy for the past 21 years from registering speedy and yet colossal economic achievements with redoubled endeavors.


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