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Real Independence: The Ever- Perfecting National Vision

The Eritrean people, since the dawn of independence, has spent three-quarter of the past 21 years in the battle against all acts of flagrant hos¬tilities over its independence and sovereignty by the Administration in Washington, as well as the immeasurable military, economic, diplomat¬ic and psychological warfare being waged unremittingly. In fact, Eri¬trea’s independence was not a token granted on a golden plate achieved through total submission or entreaties; but rather, the Eritrean people wrested independence with dear sacrifice, thereby struggling together without breaking ranks for a common cause. Indeed, Eritrea is a land of martyrs, whose values and priceless heroic feats has now spawned a living history. Firm foundation has over the past 21 years been laid with a view to ensuring real independence of the land, maritime and Aerial territory of the state of Eritrea. The colossal task of safeguarding and ensuring independence is a sustained gradual process more worth than gaining it.

Needless to say, independence is an odyssey of perseverance which glorious and lasting shelter is founded upon. In order for independence to become ever-perfecting and enduring achievement, it ceases not to require lasting struggle and dear price. As no independence or dignity whatsoever could thus be achieved slothfully, the Eritrean people invari¬ably remains indebted to keep an eye on this land of sacred trust.

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